Violet Marjawn

Violet Marjawn
Social Rank 8
Fealty Redrain
House Marjawn
Gender Female
Age 29
Religion Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Emerald Green
Skintone Fair
Parents Paul Marjawn, Rose Marjawn
Siblings Briar Marjawn, Oak Marjawn, Ash Marjawn, Aspen Marjawn
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Delightfully feminine intentionally or not, Violet knows she's a beauty, with the angles and structures of her face taking on a northern exoticness in the right light. It's not an arrogant knowlege though, but rather one she prefers to downplay with her profession. Being an officer in the Crimson Blades means regulation uniforms and appearance, and Violet is no exception. While Violet would prefer long hair, she keeps it neck length for the sake of both armor use, and keeping it from snagging while rolling or dodging. She puts on a dress as well as any noblewoman when she wants to flaunt her figure, though; with the rest of her fit curves.

{w({nViolet had been round with child until recently. Now her belly is not. It isn't flat, but she has definitely given birth recently.{w){n


She's as disciplined as any Crimson Blade officer usually is when doing her job. It's what's expected, and Violet makes no apologies for being professional. Off duty, she's a bit less disciplined... but she prefers order to her life in and out of uniform and it shows. Despite all of this, she still has some feminine charm when she puts her mind to it.


Born into a Halfshav village west of Whitehold at the forest's edge, Violet spent much of her early childhood as a hunters apprentic. A mother, a father, and four brothers, the family did well living off the land and selling to the leatherworkers. There would be the occasional skirmish with the Abandoned who had their own town nearby, but Halfshav forces usually kept them in their place and drove them off if they got too near.

Eventually though, it wasn't enough. A warband from the village had gotten tired of the constant warfare, and attacked the small village outright. It was a massacre, with the Halfshav army coming too late to protect them. By the time they arrived, all save for Violet and her young brother had been killed, despite the hunters taking their share of lives from the barbarian assault. Only by running into the woods and firing from cover did they manage that. The Halfshav force stayed to protect and fortify, and meanwhile, hired a force of Crimson Blades camping nearby to aid in the assault on the Abandoned and destroy them in retaliation. Being within riding distance easily enough, the half archer, half heavy infantry force marched on the Abandoned with the Halfshav forces... including Violet. By the time the battle was done, there were few survivors of the abandoned town and those scattered to the wind.

If she had been stronger, more skilled she might have been able to keep the rest of the family alive. Having witnessed firsthand how good the Crimson Blades were, she swore herself to them on the spot, having already proved her worth in battle. Both to protect her brother, and to find a new purpose in life.

Two years passed, and it hadn't taken long for her drive and commitment to take her from a private in the scout Companies, to a the upper tiers of officers. With Briar's education seen too she was able to pour herself even more into her work. When he left for the North to train as a Shaman, that only drove her to work harder. The idea of being a protector and him having a safe place to come back to was always foremost in her mind.

Through the Silent War she proved her worth and uncaring eye for danger and the enemy. Battles and contracts under her belt the massacre of her company, Ruby Company, with her as the sole survivor put a fire in her gut. In less than a year she has gone from Lieutenant she rocketed to Colonel. Quickly she came to be Lord Tobias Telmar's right hand. So it was no surprise that when he disappeared he left the Crimson Blades and their command in her hands. During all this her own personal life was ablaze with a marriage to Thorley Sandreef that lasted but a days before his abrupt flight and negation of their bond. Soon after Briar returned to Arx from his training and quickly made his place in the city as well as joining the Blades. The Blades were her family, now they are more than ever.