House Telmar
Head(s) of House Arn Telmar
Kingdom Oathlands
Liege Valardin
Words Fear no enemy.
Sigil The red wall of Telmarch fortress.
Nickname Telmarchers. Redmarchers.

House Telmar, the traditional strong right hand of House Valardin, has long held the most dangerous lands bordering the North. While in recent centuries the long running feuds between House Valardin and House Redrain have rarely resulted in wars, the Telmarch remains the primary road to the heart of Valardin territories and the one point that shav hordes are forced to attack if they wish to move into the Oathlands in force. It is said that no Telmar duke has ever ruled without at least once being forced into battle.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Ansel Telmar21MaleActive
Arn Telmar56MaleActive
Corban Telmar29MaleActive
Dulcinea Telmar19FemaleActive
Etienne Telmar36MaleActive
Everard Telmar42MaleActive
Isabeau Telmar23FemaleActive
Lilia Telmar20FemaleActive
Monique Telmar25FemaleActive
Percephon Telmar33MaleActive
Tesha Telmar30FemaleActive
Tobias Telmar24MaleActive
Tovell Telmar27MaleActive
Ywaine Telmar37MaleActive


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