Poppy Stahlben

Poppy Stahlben
Social Rank 5
Fealty Redrain
House Stahlben
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Shaman/Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'3
Hair Color Sunshine Blonde
Eye Color Emerald Green
Skintone Creamy
Parents Marigold Stahlben, Thorm Stahlben
Uncles/Aunts Magnus Stahlben XXVII
Cousins Magnus Stahlben, Volcica Stahlben
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While the majority of the Stahlben clan are giants with snow white skin and dark hair, Lady Poppy is the opposite. She stands at a mere 5'3ft with a soft plumpness that comes from never having to weild a sword, and her skin is a warm creamy hue which compliments her pale gold hair that falls in soft curls around her shoulders. She is constantly regarded as cute or adorable with her smattering of freckles over the bridge of her stub nose and her plump pink lips that never seem to know how to frown. It's however her vibrantly green eyes and dark lashes that hold people's attention. That and the trinkets from the far north that adorn her hair and wrists.

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If one believes the rumours, they will hear about how Poppy was born on an unfortunately hot summer's day. The midwives who brought Poppy into the world all laugh of how the sun had to have shone so brightly because they have never known such a cheery baby to be born. It was as if the baby was pure sunshine. And that is what Poppy is to her family. A ray of sunshine in a dark and sombre environment. As an always smiling and a friendly face she has been the one to lead the welcoming party to those who come to Bonespire, or to entertain the most serious of shamans. She is naturally cheery and bright, but also a born empathic. She is the shoulder to cry on, the sympathetic ear. Poppy has a knack for charming nearly all who come into contact with her and inspiring awe at the wonders of the Everwinter. She is the one who is filled with optimism, much to her family's annoyance. It's rare for her temper to get the better of her, but when it does, be warned!


Poppy had a wonderful childhood. Just ask her about it. While her brother and cousins were busy learning about spirits, the sword and leading, she was allowed the freedoms to follow her heart. Whether it was to wander the forests and look after wounded animals she'd come across or listen to the stories of the elders, nothing was off limits for this girl. As she blossomed into a young lady, studies about healing and religious rituals captured her attention. Those tender cares she gave the animals as a small child turned to helping people and learning about Lagoma from the visiting knights of Solace and Mercies, a curious passion for a shamanistic tribes member. Her life was idyllic and set to become the medicine woman for her people until Tolmar Brand swept through their lands.

In an instant, her charmed life ended. She watched her parents die, her cousin become a leader, her brother take up arms and then her people cry in fear every night. Day by day she watched the population of her home dwindle. She finally learnt what fear and anger felt like, which only made the relief when Magnus bent and Houses Halfshav and Sanna came to rescue them. Seeing her cousin become count and watching him leave for the compact inspired her to follow close behind with grand plans on how she will be able to help save her family and bring all the new healing arts to her people.