Mabelle Laurent

Mabelle Laurent
Social Rank 4
Fealty Valardin
House Laurent
Gender Female
Age 26
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'7
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Skintone Creamy
Parents Tina Laurent, Martin Longwood
Uncles/Aunts Andre Laurent
Cousins Braden Laurent, Flavien Laurent
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Silken black hair falls in a sheet, barely gracing her shoulders, falling to the small of her back. The contrast between the pale cream of her complexion only emphasizes the darkness of her blue-black hair. Fine brows wing over a set of wide eyes. Black lashes frame a pair of exquisite blue eyes, the irises edged in a darker blue. Her features are delicate, almost doll-like, lending her a beauty that is at once fragile and sharp, like a glass blade. She is of just over average height, five feet seven inches, slender, her curves are subtle but there is no denying her femininity. She is a study in contrasts, of dark and light. Fragility and strength. A hint of something potentially sweet with just a touch of danger.

{w({nHer hair is pulled back at her nape, under her hat, secured by a single lollipop hairpin{w){n


When she left for her marriage, she was a demure, blushing bride that was known to be charming but practical. Safe. Her return to the fold has seen some changes. This Mabelle is sharp and possibly dangerous to touch. She remains as charming as ever, but there's a more caustic edge to her humor these days. Something jaded and cynical from the things she's seen, from information she's researched. Her style is more risque too, once you get comfortable in that Lycene style of dress there's no real going back, is there?


Mabelle Laurent was born into a more distant branch of the Laurent line, pretty far removed from any potential chances to inherit the duchy but not so far removed that she wasn't good marriage material. So as these things tend to go, she was found a suitable match with House Hawkmour. She wasn't thrilled with her 'older' husband, a man in his early forties who had already been married once before with children not much younger than herself. But it was asked of her by the late Duke Edmund Laurent, so she agreed to her distant uncle's request.

Mabelle was pretty, charming and most importantly, far more clever than her family had realized. She settled well into her new life and even managed to form an alliance with her new husband. One that didn't involve her sleeping in a different bed most nights of the week. Her hobbies and interests grew during her time in the Lyceum and she developed a close bond' with the family apothecary, a rather eccentric woman that spent a significant amount of time in a lower levels suite (read: basement) of the castle.

It was here that she learned the healing arts as well as other more esoteric subjects that most in the Oathlands would have shied away from or condemned. She became quite skilled at mixing and matching different compounds and while crafting isn't a thing nobles do for silver, she enjoyed it nonetheless and took great pride in what she created.

However tragedy struck when her husband, a rather shrewd lawyer with numerous political connections turned black in the face and expired at dinner. There were countless suspects and Mabelle unfortunately ended up on the list. Largely due to the mercurial nature of their relationship and her now expansive knowledge of a trade that could lead one to believe she might have known /how/ to poison her husband.

Not having quite the needed connections to survive such a scandal, she made an impassioned plea to her distant cousin the duke to be allowed to rejoin the family now that her marriage was tragically ended. With approval granted from all parties, she's gone to join the Laurents in Arx and hopefully have a fresh start there.