Gwenys Valardin

Gwenys Valardin
Social Rank 3
Fealty Valardin
House Valardin
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Faith Of The Pantheon
Vocation Warrior
Height 5'8"
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Pale
Parents Lyonis Valardin, Larra Redrain
Siblings Damiana Valardin, Emma Valardin
Uncles/Aunts Caius Valardin, Marianne Valardin
Cousins Audrey None (formerly Valardin), Celine Valardin, Lenard Valardin
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The striking white hair is the first thing that most people notice about Gwenys, incidentally followed by sky blue eyes and the ugly scar that runs along her left cheek, branding the young woman as the victim of quite a vicious attack in the past. Gwenys is built like a wild cat, with underlying musculature that begets power and speed but that only shows in her movement, otherwise hidden beneath a sinuous frame. She has scars all over her body, suggesting a reckless and violent lifestyle.

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Gwenys is a warrior in the garbings of a knight. She guards her honor and she fights evil, but any pretenses of etiquette and decorum are incidental at best with the young woman. In most other respects, one would be excused to think she is a very, very bad Princess. Gwenys is free-spirited and bold, always in motion, and can't last a full sermon of the Faith without passing out or groaning about how long the thing is. If anyone is tending to a broken arm during a family feast it will most likely be her. Uncomfortable in the halls of power, be it in Sanctum or Arx, her favorite ambiences are out in the open fields of the Oathlands, and although she may be caught wearing a dress, Gwenys is never without her sword. The more rough and tumble a situation is, the more to Gwenys' liking it becomes.


Gwenys was born in a line of heroes who seldom married outside the Valardin or Wyrmguard families, at least until Prince Sherrod Redrain and Prince Radley Valardin decided to marry her parents in an effort to ease the tensions between the Oathlands and the North. A full year of courtship later and Princess Larra Redrain married Prince Lyonis Valardin. Their story of duty and, some say, even love, saw the birth of three children and ended in the Sanctum decades later with the Tragedy.

Growing up Gwenys was an hyperactive Princess who never missed a lesson from her tutors but whose dream was to be a knight, thinking more of heroics than duty in her younger years. She played the role of diplomat and unifier among her sisters, often adapting and doing what was required of her to broker peace between them. The golden days ended with the Tragedy, when Gwenys was unaccounted for weeks after the massacre, her body not found among the others. The girl returned to her family with a wicked scar on her once-unblemished face and clung to a strange blade she did not possess before.

After the Tragedy Gwenys's personality changed and she was rarely seen in the Sanctum again, seemingly possessed with wanderlust and roaming the Westlands, throwing herself headfirst into any conflict she could find, and eventually crossing the Telmarch into the North, where she spend time learning from her mother's people and assisting them with their own problems, unable to return home and unable to cope with the loss of her parents. Whenever she was spotted at a tavern or skirmish, the Valardin was immediately recognizable, but soon after the victory celebrations she was gone with the morning snow.

Her return to the fold and to Arx came only through a summon sent by Emma, enlisting Gwenys to fight in the name of Sanctum against Skal'daja. With her oath to serve being called into question, not even the pale-haired wildcat refused the mustering of troops, even if she convinced herself stay in Arx would be only temporary.