Getting Started

Most of the below can be found via 'help getting started' on the game as well as via the website from a link on the World tab called Getting Started in the Guides section.

Your character login (name and password) for the game will be the same login you will use for the website - there is no need to create/request one for it.

Places To Start

Original Characters

Roster Characters

Helpful Commands

Most of the below can be found on game via help files, as well as at the commands page on the main website. I like the website because of the ability to use 'find' if I can't quite remember the help file name.


  • @settings/emit_label -- This will prefix any emit pose by someone with their name, such as: [Ida] The smith waves her hand in greeting. I find this HUGELY helpful in huge scenes, to be honest.
  • @settings/lrp -- How to toggle on/off the LRP (looking for rp) flag that shows as (LPR) next to your name in WHO, and as a little red + on +where.
  • @settings/afk [message] -- Also usable as just 'afk [message]' -- without [message], sets a generic AFK message, or with [message], sets it for your specification.


  • +where -- Really, anything in help +where is very useful and helpful for finding things such as shops, rp'able people, etc.
  • @directions -- Can be quirky at times, but super fantastic to or close to a room you are hoping to find.
  • @map -- I love map. It shows you where you are on the grid, usable from any outside room. There are helpful maps on the World tab of the website, below the picture map, with details of the grid squares and contents therein.


  • Sometimes you may have a net drop or other issue that, upon relogging in, denotes you have more than one connection. You can be sure all connections/sessions close by using 'quit/all' as currently there is no boot type command available.