Getting Started

Most of the below can be found via 'help getting started' on the game as well as via the website from a link on the World tab called Getting Started in the Guides section. That's a great place to begin getting acclimated!

Your character login (name and password) for the game will be the same login you will use for the website - there is no need to create/request one for it. You may need to be logged into the website to view certain content unavailable to non-played/guest viewers. The game and main website are integrated, meaning many of the commands that you can use on the game can also be used on the website. They update in real time.

Places To Start

Original Characters

Roster Characters

Many characters chosen from the roster have been previously played. Often, this means they've Done Things or Learned Things that may not be immediately apparent from the sheet as seen on the game. A great place to go is the actual character page on the main website. Log into the website with your game login and password and then head over to your character's page. If you go down to the bottom of the character page, you will see several buttons: Gallery, Past Actions, Flashbacks, Clues, and First Impressions. With the exception of Gallery and First Impressions, only you can see the details for your character on the character page once you are logged in. No one sees your stats, etc. Clicking any of the above mentioned items will allow you to read a listing of any clues your characters knows, actions they have been part of, etc.

Helpful Commands

Most of the below can be found on game via help files, as well as at the commands page on the main website. I like the website because of the ability to use 'find' if I can't quite remember the help file name. A few are further detailed below.


  • @settings/emit_label -- This will prefix any emit pose by someone with their name, such as: [Ida] The smith waves her hand in greeting. I find this HUGELY helpful in huge scenes, to be honest.
  • @settings/lrp -- How to toggle on/off the LRP (looking for rp) flag that shows as (LPR) next to your name in WHO, and as a little red + on +where.
  • @settings/afk [message] -- Also usable as just 'afk [message]' -- without [message], sets a generic AFK message, or with [message], sets it for your specification.


  • +where -- Really, anything in help +where is very useful and helpful for finding things such as shops, rp'able people, etc.
  • @directions -- Can be quirky at times, but super fantastic to or close to a room you are hoping to find.
  • @map -- I love map. It shows you where you are on the grid, usable from any outside room. There are helpful maps on the World tab of the website, below the picture map, with details of the grid squares and contents therein.


  • Sometimes you may have a net drop or other issue that, upon relogging in, denotes you have more than one connection. You can be sure all connections/sessions close by using 'quit/all' as currently there is no boot type command available.

About Your New Character

If you have taken a roster character that had a previous player(s), they may have some history on the game for which the below commands might help with acclimating.


In addition to reading through your new character's journals (if they were previously played), you can also search for journals that mention the character. The various journal commands are also available on the game as well.


You are able to view a certain amount of IC messengers that have been exchanged with your character on the game via the 'old' and 'sent' commands. On the game, the commands are viewable via help messenger.

For example:

  • messenger/oldindex <amount to display> -- shows an index of available messages sent to your character.
  • messenger/old <number> -- allows you to read a specific message, denoted by number from the previously run index.
  • messenger/sentindex <amount to display> -- basically the same as above, but for ones your character has sent to other characters.
  • messenger/sent <number> -- once again, the same as above but for a specific one your character sent.


You can view events your character may have participated in by going to the Events page and doing a search for the character name.

Character Webpage

Also accessible in game, at the bottom of your character page are a number of buttons - Flashbacks and Actions - that may also show past doings the character you've taken has been involved in.


There is also a button on the character webpage for Clues. This may or may not be a LOT of information to take in during the first few days in, depending on the number. As with almost all commands, this is viewable on the game as well.

Relationship Continuity

This is a great file to review as it deals specifically with a character who may have been played before you took them, and the expectations. Also viewable on the game via help relationship continuity.


Do you have money? Are you rolling in gold? Or not so much? Do you have an allowance? Paycheck? Pay other people to do things for you? All this and more can be discovered at the bank. Most of the bank commands are only usable when you are actually in the bank. See 'Where/Directions' section on this for how to find the bank, or this handy map.

You could see stuff like the below, or not quite that much, or so much more.

  • The first block is who pays you what, if such a thing is set up.
  • If you are a leader of some sort, you may also see the second block which are incomes your house receives from other sources.
  • Similar to the above, the third list payments you or your house might make to others.
  • The 4th block is a detailed summary of all accounts you have access to.

                     New Me Incomes                     
| Sender           | Amount           | Time Remaining     |
| Cupcake          | 1000             | Permanent          |
                 House Cupcake Incomes                     
| Sender            | Amount          | Time Remaining     |
| House Cocoa       | 1000            | Permanent          |
| House Cake        | 1000            | Permanent          |
                 House Cupcake Payments                    
| #           | Receiver     | Amount      | Time          |
|             |              |             | Remaining     |
| 1           | Big Daddy    | 2000        | Permanent     |
| 2           | Big Mama     | 2000        | Permanent     |
| 3           | New Me       | 1000        | Permanent     |
| 4           | The Crown    | 1000        | Permanent     |
| Owner      | Balance  | Net     | Materials          | Econ  | Soc  | Mil  |
|            |          | Income  |                    |       |      |      |
| New Me     |  10000   | 1000    | 6 common cloth     |  50   |  50  | 50   |
|            |          |         | 1 low quality      |       |      |      |
|            |          |         | pelt, 1 common     |       |      |      |
| Cupcake    | 1234567  | 10000   | cloth, 1 imitation | 100   |  100 | 100  |
|            |          |         | stone,             |       |      |      |

Home, +Home and Lifestyle

Taken directly from the main website's "Getting Started" page: "Homes: Once in game, your character starts in the same space where they last logged out. For any character that's never been played before, like an OC, this will default to starting in the City Center of Arx, smack dab in the middle of the city. Some other player characters might be there roleplaying and say hi- feel free to jump in, or if that might trigger a panic attack, then also feel free to run off, or use the 'home' command to get out of there. Using the 'home' command will zip your character off to a pre-assigned private room all of their own, an ideal place to bunker down in while you check out help files or have quiet RP scenes with individuals you invite."

Please review help home as well as help +home on the game or website. There is also a Building Guide wiki page under construction.

Please note - help +home will only give you the +home code options when the command is run in your coded IC home location or a room that you/your org that you head, owns. 'help +home' run anywhere else will bring up the plain 'help home' file.

The '+home/lifestyle' command with no arguments will give you the list of ratings, costs, and resulting prestige. As of this writing (03/29/18), prestige is not fully in place and players should expect a soft reset at some point in the future.

New Player @bb Post

Many players who take on previously played characters often make a post to the games OOC Stuff board as well, just noting they are the new player and if there is anything they should know, well, let them know! You can use 'help @bb' on the game or view the commands via the @bb webpage. This is not required! Some players find it helpful to get 'caught up' OOCly along with the IC in some cases.

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