Building Guide

Starting so as to park helpful info while still under construction.


The basics can be found on game via help housing and shops guide (if you forget, help guides on the game will list all guides), accessible via the webpage as Housing and Shops Guide as well.

Managing building/room commands can be found in +Manageroom and +Home.

Also check out +Keyring and @Chestkey.

The above noted files are also available on the game via: help <file name>

  • You can set/unset/reset your home, which allows you to have keys for multiple door locks, such as your shop or other building you made/own. Use +manageroom/addhome <your character name> to accomplish this. For example, your new family member needs a key to their room and to the front door. If you own the building/room, you can set your home to it, 'make' them a key via +home/key <person> and then unset the +home.

OF NOTE - you must own the room(s) in order to set/unset/reset your coded home.