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|Eye Color=Sea Gray
|Eye Color=Sea Gray
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Cecilia Kennex
Social Rank 4
Fealty Thrax
House Kennex
Gender Female
Age 21
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Honey Blonde
Eye Color Sea Gray
Skintone Fair
Parents Denholm Kennex, Claudia Kennex
Siblings Ford Kennex, Octavia Kennex, Niklas Grayson, Renatta Kennex, Constantine Kennex
Uncles/Aunts Renault Kennex, Victoria Kennex, Wayne Kennex, Claire Kennex, Manon Fournier
Cousins Catalana Kennex, Jan Kennex, Titania Fireviper, Gael Fournier, Evander Kennex
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Cecilia is a tall, willowy woman of sylph-like features. Round penetrating eyes as changeable as the sea reveal her emotions easily beneath delicate arched brows. Her flaxen hair is long and silky, often bound in a tight braid or pinned up, its wayward wisps gently framing her heart-shaped face. She moves with captivating insouciance, as though she feels as if her beauty will never fade and she shines beyond all else.


Cecilia is a difficult woman for anyone to gauge. She can be capricious, but she is not without situational awareness or wisdom. She has plenty of opinions, but she doesn't always feel compelled to share them, though they may be written all over her youthful face. It is clear to those who grew up with her that she is no longer the ingenue youngest daughter of the late Marquis Kennex, but is unclear of just what kind of woman replaced her.

And she continues to be unfettered by this confusion.


Cecilia is the youngest child of the late Marquis Kennex and consequently the most spoiled. She thoroughly enjoyed her position in the household as daddy's little princess and was the living bane of the household courtiers. When she wanted something, she normally got it, whether it meant playing sweet or throwing a tantrum.

That changed when her mother died. Then her sister. And her brother was sent away. On the heels of emotional upheaval as a teenager, she was sent to the Tor Apothecary College to cultivate her interest in medicine and served as a lady's maid and ward to Lady Allegra Fidante. There she struggled to adjust to a world far more dark than she realized, but with the comfort of a few friends and a few hard life lessons taught, she adapted and excelled in her studies. She returned to her father when she received word that he was feeling unwell, but he passed the night she returned.

Now her brother has taken the reigns of the house and she is getting to know him all over again. She intends to help in what ways she can - whether he likes it or not.