House Kennex
Head(s) of House Octavia Kennex
Voice(s) Zoey Kennex
Kingdom Mourning Isles
Liege Grimhall
Words The winds of change are ever at our backs.
Sigil A violet ship on a white ocean being carried by a strong gale
Nickname Pirate Killers, Uniforms

A clear departure from traditional Thrax values. House Kennex started as a commoner family, a long line of Admirals and Captains who served in the Thrax navy. They were granted a title and a hold after removing a particularly irritating group of shav pirates from a piece of Thrax territory. Being so far removed from the bulk of Thrax territory, House Kennex grew into something quite different. Progressive, strong, loyal, and integral to ship building efforts. It continues to be the Thrax vassal with the lowest thrall population


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Aethan Kennex33MaleActive
Anton Kennex25MaleActive
Catalana Kennex31FemaleActive
Cecilia Kennex21FemaleRoster
Christine Kennex39FemaleRoster
Constantine Kennex23MaleActive
Elara Kennex25FemaleActive
Evander Kennex24MaleActive
Ford Kennex30MaleActive
Ian Kennex24MaleActive
Jan Kennex25FemaleRoster
Niklas Kennex24MaleActive
Octavia Kennex36FemaleActive
Porter Kennex27MaleActive
Titania Kennex18FemaleActive
Vanora Kennex21FemaleActive
Victoria Kennex42FemaleActive
Wash Kennex32MaleActive
Zoey Kennex25FemaleActive


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