Varkka Unknown

Varkka Unknown
Social Rank 9
Fealty Thrax
House Unknown
Gender Female
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Criminal
Height 5'4"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Pale
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Elegance. Sophistication. Refinement. Varkka utterly lacks any of these traits, but she more than makes up for her flaws with her intense fear of commitment, a mercurial attitude, a morbid sense of humor, and a zest for life that goes far beyond recklessness.

A single electric eye peers out at the world from beneath messy blonde bangs, it's iridescent depths scintillating with a thousand different colors like some rough-cut gem. It's twin is concealed beneath a broad eyepatch that almost manages to hide the grisly scar across the left side of Varkka's face. Rather than fighting her hair's naturally-wild texture with oils and creams, she's embraced it, tying those absurdly thick, gold-spun locks into two heavy bunches that hang past her shoulders. Varkka's features are soft and feminine with large, almond-shaped eyes, angular cheekbones, a rounded chin, a sculpted, gently-sloping jawline, and a dainty, ski-slope nose. Her full lips seem permanently set into a manic smile, as if she found the whole of the world some bizarre joke.

The ivory-skinned blonde's body is lean and muscular, the carefully-maintained figure of an athlete. A patchwork of razor-thin scars spiderwebs across what's visible of her arms, and she's missing the last digit of her ring finger on one hand, hinting at a violent past that likely left more damage than some bits of imperfect flesh.


Once a vivacious, charming young woman, untold hardships have left Varkka a changed woman. Tempered by years of violence and hard living, Varkka often comes across as colder than snow on first meeting, but glimpses of her former, vivacious spirit shine through her stoic exterior once she gets to know someone. Professionally, she is unpredicatable and likely to cause more trouble than she solves, but her unique talents and steadfast demeanor ensure that she always has work, even if it won't be winning her glory or respect anytime soon.


Little is known of Varkka's distant past, but rumors abound in the shadier parts of town. Some believe she was a prisoner of war who was captured and tortured on foreign shores, while others purport she was mistaken for a dangerous criminal and punished by the crown for her wrongdoing, only for the real culprit to be caught just before her execution (but right after the torture). Still others believe she is an exile from foreign shores, her body broken by her own fellows before being cast out from her own lands. In truth, all that is known about the enigmatic sellsword is that she's ruthless, she's unpredictable, and she's willing to take on any job if the price is right.