House Stahlben/Reflection
Head(s) of House Magnus Stahlben
Voice(s) Volcica Stahlben
Kingdom Northlands
Liege Sanna
Words Serene as the deepest wood.
Sigil A Mammoth skull with curled tusks.
Nickname The Wardens

The Stahlben clan was, until very recently, one of the Shav’arvani clans most isolated from Arvum, known to the Compact only in vague tales of bone-wearing warriors to the far north. For centuries it had ruled from the Bonespire, the last mountain before the endless white of the Everwinter. Determined defenders of their homeland, they’ve fought against other Abandoned with little contact from the Compact, their wary gaze turned North rather than South. The clan’s power waned in the aftermath of the Silent War, its numbers depleted from the heavy fighting it led, alone, against an undying foe. With new threats rising, the Stahlben, in a bid to survive lest they fall alone, bent the knee to Sanna. Now a county sworn under the Compact, there’s been little time to change their savage ways, much less spread the Faith’s teachings in so remote a part of the world. Yet times are changing, and even the eternal Stahlben must change with it. Warriors and spiritualists, the Stahlben’s recent addition to the Compact have seen them export various metals, pelts as well as stone and bone crafts.