Ras Unknown

Ras Unknown
Social Rank 9
Fealty Crownsworn
House Unknown
Gender Male
Age 20
Religion Pantheism
Vocation Commoner
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Tan
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For someone born in the dirt, Ras looks the part, with hair and eyes as brown as mud. His dark tan is no contrast. Strands of hair, raggedly shorn around his ears, frequently point in all directions. Skinny and of average height, his stature is far from imposing, and the slouched saunter with which he carries himself doesn't do him any favors in that regard. The only compelling feature about him is the shine in his eyes, potentially misplaced hope and wonder that glints from time to time through his sullen ferocity.


Stubborn and shameless, Ras is not cut out for success in life as a commoner. He can be overdramatic and prone to catastrophizing when he's upset. While he has a deep hatred for authority, he also has a strong survival instinct that has brought him this far. And while he can be very self-centered, he is capable of great compassion and empathy for others as well. He tends to act tough whenever he can, and cover his fear with anti-humor and bravado.


Ras was abandoned as an infant on the stairs of the orphanage as a child, and grew up in the Tragedy. He was often bullied, but that didn't dull him, and at times he flew into rages at his tormentors. Eventually they left him alone, but he fostered a deep-seated resentment of anyone telling him what to do ever since. When he became old enough, he ran away and lived on the streets as much as he could, stealing food or eating from the garbage, but never begging.