Raisa Crown

Raisa Crown
Social Rank 9
Fealty Crownsworn
Gender Female
Age 27
Religion Faith (Skald)
Vocation Croupier
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Fiery Red
Eye Color Cognac
Skintone Sun-Kissed
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Raisa can be found most often with a broad grin and a ready laugh upon her lips. She is well built with a tall, hearty athletic frame that supports a healthy feminine figure and she carries herself with a moderate amount of confidence. Her ovaline face is attractive, but it isn't unblemished. She wears an eyepatch over her right eye, though the undamaged one is a lovely limpid cognac brown. Sun-kissed skin speaks to a life lived out of doors and has left a smattering of freckles over her high cheekbones and nose. Her wild mane of fiery red hair compliments the warm tones of her skin and is worn past her hips, the occasional feather or bead braided into the tresses to add to her wild mystique.


Though gregarious and intelligent, she has some mighty rough edges and tends to play her cards close to her chest when it comes to personal feelings and opinions. Raisa lives life to the fullest, enjoying liquor and games in equal measures. She also has a keen sense of humor and very little table manners.


Raisa grew up without the hope of freedom, and without memory of it as she was too young to remember much of her life before her parents were taken by Thraxian Reavers. Their debts were claimed by House Grimhall and the family was split up. She has no idea what's become of them and if she misses them, she's never told a soul.

At first, she served as a house servant but as she grew older, Eugene Grimhall took notice of her and she found herself almost solely in his service as a messenger and guard of a sort. He was not a kind man in the slightest, though she knew when to bite her tongue - so the worst of his wrath was avoided.

The two of them made a hell of a team, they found out, as then Lord Eugene began to fall victim to the siren's song of his vices: gambling, drinking, and poor decision making. Maybe they employed a few less than honest tactics - she would remain sober and count cards or have a glimpse at others' hands while he drank and attempted not to rack up debts - and that quickly came back to bite them.

They were caught counting cards during a particularly successful night and to make amends without making a scene, he gave Raisa over to the casino to pay off their debt. The casino used her for a number of years allowing her at first to only wait tables, then gradually she became another pair of eyes on the floor. Eventually, she found herself running games. Since the casino was on a ship, she got to travel, never in one place for too long and got to see many places. She was one of the lucky thralls if there was ever such a thing - she had it good compared to most. Better than what she had under Eugene's thumb that's for sure.

A few years passed when a unique opportunity came up for her to win her freedom and as luck (or keen eyesight) would have it, she managed to win herself outta there. Three years later and she's resurfaced in Arx mysteriously missing an eye, and has begun to find her footing and restart her life. Even more recently, she's gotten a job at Crossroads Casino running games as a croupier.