Ida Ferron/Reflection

IC Stuff

Family Stuff

  • Married at 17 (in 990) to Arwel, who died in 998/999
    • Son Neiren - born in 991
    • Son Tomos - born in 992
    • Daughter Caerwyn - born in 993

Animal Stuff

  • Ironfoot - Valardin bred speckled grey and white, lazy disposition
  • Dopey - a small gray fluffy kitten with white toes and a pink nose, gifted by Lady Kima Saik
  • Runtystiltskin - a runt war elk sent by Lady Niamh Greenmarch. Also known as Weapon Rack
  • Quill, the grunty little porcupine - owned by Paige and a frequent visitor along with her to the shop, he showed up after her passing and has been a loved pet since.

Brawling Stuff

  • Macda
  • Jhond
  • Jeffeth

Other Stuff

  • Smelty Spice

OOC Notes

I work weekday office hours (9-5ish) and may log in, but am unable to rp, alas and alack. Also, eastern timer.