Donato Inverno

Donato Inverno
Social Rank 5
Fealty Velenosa
House Inverno
Gender Male
Age 19
Religion Mirrormask
Vocation Soldier
Height 6'0"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Skintone Golden Tan
Parents Mario Inverno, Tessera Inverno
Siblings Oriana Inverno
Uncles/Aunts Kelsea Inverno, Lucian Inverno, Saverio Inverno
Cousins Aisha Inverno, Markus Inverno
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Naturally golden skin has been darkened from years of exposure to the sun and sea, a few lines are evident at the corners of his eyes from squinting for years against the glare of the sun off the water. Brown hair is dark, and forgotten about unless reminded to care about his general state of appearance. He has perfected the artfully casual look of someone that can be anywhere, do anything, and be around almost anyone without having to alter the unkempt nature of his hair and posture.


Much like his twin sister, Oriana, he is quick witted. However, unlike her he's not as gifted with not being offensive, most of the time it's accidental. He'll tell a joke better suited to the days out on the sea with his crew, and forget that those among the nobility might not appreciate them. Also, unlike his sister he is more prone to quiet observations of other, never quite hitting the brooding stage, but certainly there seems to be something a little darker to him, thousand-yard stare.


Donato was born a whole three minutes before his sister, which makes him the oldest. However, unlike her he's a little bit less invested in staying put, and has been prone to getting into wild adventures from an early age.

When he was fourteen he ran away from home, joined a crew sailing out of Nilanza and went by the name Vinnie for several years before putting in to port at home in Caina once more. By then he'd explored the islands, fought his share of battles, and lived a rather colorful life. However, the whole time he maintained contact with his sister, sending her letters whenever he could, even though he never told her where he was, he always told her where to send the next letter so he could pick it up.

When Argento fell, he was there, but he was not part of the fighting itself. His sister refused to allow him to participate, and he didn't want to break her heart by ending up the way the Argento's did anyways.