Bhandn Yvar

Bhandn Yvar
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Yvar
Gender Male
Age 51
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Grey
Skintone Tan
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Bhandn Yvar is a large man; he is an exemplar of physical strength. While his height is hardly lacking, a touch under six feet, his brawn eclipses that despite his increasing age. He is a man who trains his body in grueling ways: his shoulders, his arms, his chest, his back, and his legs are all very heavily muscled, and his clothing strains slightly to contain his powerful torso in particular. That clothing has failed in the past, as darning of various quality can be seen on the sleeves and shoulders, with other repairs done on his legs as well, including a slash on his left thigh that was sewn shut by a skilled hand.

He keeps his silver hair cut short, but it is roughly done, lacking the finesse and uniformity of a trained hand. As such, his tanned face is fully visible, exposing his brown eyes and stubble for all to see. A small, thin scar exists near his right ear, as well as a nick in the lower lobe of the ear itself.

Strapped to his large back are two scabbards, each with a crossguard hilt poking up over his shoulder. One bears the unmistakable signs of a peacebond, and a very thorough one at that, twice as much as necessary to meet the requirement.

{w({nHe has stopped wearing Vigil on his back; the steel blade is now on his swordbelt, at the left side, and his left hand rests on it idly.{w){n


Before he met Valena Eseri in the course of his travels, many had called Sir Bhandn Yvar "serious enough to make a lecture seem exciting." In many ways, he still is. On the road, he tolerates nonsense as much as he does his traveling charges being assailed. Anything and everything that could clearly endanger those in his charge are prone for stern rebuke. Their safety -- his duty -- comes before all else. Similar thinking exists for keeping himself in fighting condition.

Over the course of the past thirty years, however, the stony wall that was his typical demeanor has gradually begun to erode. During his brief rests in civilized areas, he is far more likely to be found engaged in banter-filled labor and physical competitions, rather than simply brooding while laboring to keep his armaments in good condition.


The second son to mercantile (peddler) parents, Bhandn stood to inherit very little from the family trade, a trade that evoked his talents in unexpected ways. He learned of traveling abroad almost from infancy, but he also slowly began to develop an appreciation for the men and women who took it as their sworn duty to provide safe travel. As he grew older, and bigger, he began to spend an increasing amount of time learning of the more physical arts done in Gild's name. At the age of twenty two, he swore his vows.

For over twenty-five years, he served in relative silence, keeping to himself more than mingling with others, with one very notable exception, the woman who some said melted the rigid stone mask that was his face with only a touch. His on-again, off-again relationship with the Mercy of Lagoma Valena Eseri was a matter of some gossip, even if the two were rarely seen together over the course of fifteen years. One could always see his smile whenever his eyes found hers as part of the pilgrimage she would frequently make.

Receiving word of her passing was the most difficult moment of his life, one that caused him to go into seclusion for a period of months... until now.