Bahiya Mathali

Bahiya Mathali
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Mathali
Gender Female
Age 34
Religion Eurusi Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Gray
Skintone Olive
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There are no hard edges to Bahiya. Feminine and soft, she moves with a dancer's grace and economy of movement. Golden skin and abundant curves, with dark gray eyes and a mane of thick, dark brown hair, she is both dignified and inviting in her manner. Sightless eyes are sometimes unfocused when she shifts her attention, her expressive features are quick to light up with a smile, and her neutral expression one of warmth.



Warm and inviting, Bahiya is also amazingly stubborn and very independent. Observant to a fault, she's always eager to learn as much about anything that interests her as she can. Her joy is almost child-like, the steel in her spine a subtle thing, and while she may raise her voice to gain attention, she very rarely loses her temper.


Bahiya grew up a beloved child of minor nobility, her peaceful, idyllic childhood marred only by a singular accident that robbed her of her sight. Adaptation required a strength of character that bloomed easily and surpised no one; sightless or not, her family found it hard for her to be anything less than independent and gracious. Well loved and well educated, there wasn't anything she didn't want to learn, the girl having an especially keen ear for language fostered early.

It's very difficult to grow up loving your life, your people, your place in the world, even the path that unfurls before you, when you disagree so heartily on something so fundumental to it all: slavery. It's a dangerous thing to disagree with salvery among the Eurusi, but from a young age Bahiya struggled to keep her ideals hidden. Life as a courtier, an influencer, and an advisor, settling into the official role of diplomat came naturally to the educated young woman. Finding her words weighed seriously by members of court, both the respected and the powerful, it was Prince Damik'uhl'daja who eventually brought her into his retinue. Kenjay, her bodyguard, was a slave in her service until they came to Arx, Bahiya's first order of business to free him gaining her an unexpected companion in this foreign country. His freedom is a release of her own as well, as she no longer needs to hide her formerly forbidden ideals among the people of the Compact.