Arx Lexicon


  • Abandoned: those not part of the compact. There are many Abandoned tribes who aren’t wild and warlike, who are settled and "civilized"
  • Abyss: Hell
  • As...
    • As serious as an Oathlander about praying.
    • As careful as a Lycene with a drink she didn't pour herself.
    • As serious as a Lycene about their poison taster selection.
    • As cheerful as a Redrain wrestling a bear.


  • Elysia: Heaven
  • Ember twig: a small twig topped with an alchemical compound for a quick strike flame. Expensive and handmade


  • Flec: derived from reflection, it is a curse meaning oath-breaker, two-faced, or liar


  • Goodman/Goodwoman: Oathlands polite address for commoners


  • Leviathan: the Thrax Fleet (also a sea monster)
  • Limerance's Libertia: Birth control in Arvum. Plant. 100% effective. Can be brewed, chewed, taken as a powder, etc. (bbread theme/33)
  • Lycene Plait: French braid


  • Mercy: Mercies of Lagoma. The great healers of Arvum. A religious order dedicated to the healing arts. They worship Lagoma.
  • Messere: Lycene gender-neutral polite address for commoners.
  • Mother of Mercy: The chapter head of a chapter for the Mercies of Lagoma (think red cross/healing nuns)


  • Nervous as an Oathlands pig: jumpy, scared; colloquial expression, ala 'long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs'.


  • Presented to the Sea: House Thrax's favored method of execution.
  • Prodigal: Abandoned who have rejoined the Compact and bent the knee


  • Queen of Endings and (Mother of) Beginnings: AKA Death. The goddess of death, souls, and reincarnation. A goddess that was forgotten but has been found.


  • Shards: damn (from many shards of a broken reflection)
  • Shav: colloquial term for the Shav'Arvani, Abandoned/wild tribes who are not part of the compact and are generally hostile to it.
  • Shining Lands: Afterlife
  • Silk: a non-flattering commoner term used to refer to a noble


  • The Thirteenth: Tehom, god of the dark reflection. Saying "Tehom" is considered very bad luck.


  • Whisper: Courtiers that are accepted as respected companionship for even the greatest of nobles.