Ardee de Lire

Ardee de Lire
Social Rank 8
Fealty Velenosa
House De Lire
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Atheist
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Fair
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Large, almond shape eyes of piercing blue are the first truly noticable thing about Ardee. Thin, delicately arched brows are perched above, expressive and a shade or two darker than the golden blonde hair that waves well past her shoulders and down to mid-waist. The woman is around five foot five, with shapely curves and fair, smooth skin that doesn't appear to have suffered a day of hard work toiling in the sun. The woman moves with effortless, languid confidence, expression inviting and warm.


Outgoing, warm, a free spirit with a love of laughter. On the surface Ardee is fun and flirtatious, the aura around her brimming with promises of adventure. Her wits are sharp and her tongue even sharper. Beneath the soft, feminine surface, however, is a spine of steel. The woman knows what it takes to survive, but is skilled at playing soft and innocent.


Born to a commoner family with too many children, Ardee spent the first few years of her life mostly under the radar. She was cared for by her siblings until she was old enough for the family to realize that she was going to grow up to be a 'looker'. It was decided for her quickly that her lot in life would be to go to school and learn to be a Courtesan. She could make decent enough money that way, and would be able to help 'pitch in' by looks and wiles.

She went to school, began to learn the tricks of the trade and started planning on how to escape the hold of her family. She wanted more out of life than to live to support her family. The answer came through death, her entire family ending up victims of the Silent War. She only escaped the same fate through the school she'd been attending when tragedy struck. Though nearly a victim herself, she was taken in as a refugee and eventually pledged her services to the de Lire family. She serves as the family's Chief Librarian.