Andromeda Leporidae

Andromeda Leporidae
Social Rank 5
Fealty Pravus
House Leporidae
Gender Female
Age 27
Religion Faith Of The Pantheon
Vocation Conqueror
Height tall
Hair Color Honey
Eye Color Pale Blue
Skintone Sun-kissed Bronze
Parents Lamia Proscipi, Atticus Proscipi
Siblings Cassiopeia Proscipi, Remus Leporidae
Uncles/Aunts Magnar Proscipi, Whanda Proscipi
Cousins Markos Leporidae, Rufio Proscipi
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Tall, imposing and darkly beautiful, Andromeda has a slender frame and lithe limbs that move with barely contained power. Her hair is the color of rich honey, and her gaze a pale blue that pierces to the bone. Some might say she possesses a classical beauty with her high cheekbones and full lips that are equally likely to offer a mild smirk or purse in discontent. Her neutral expression just isn't, though it doesn't quite peak the summit to that of a permanent scowl. The Southeastern Saffron native has skin brazenly kissed by the sun, bronzed in a most flattering fashion and a thoroughly impressive physique as already mentioned. Usually the woman carries herself with a quiet confidence - letting deeds speak as much as words. Typically, when not commanded to by her Praefecta to wear something more enticing, the woman wears her Proscipi segmenta - clearly more comfortable in armor than she is wearing a dress. Although she does look quite charming wearing one, though.


Andromeda is a regal woman who knows what she wants in life and there is little that will change her mind once she is decided on anything, although she is not unreasonable and is always willing to adapt. The Sword of Tremorus is fierce when on the field of battle or dealing with those she feels are lesser than herself. She does possess a sense of humor, of course, but it's very dry and sarcasm is her weapon of choice during social engagements. Among warriors, sailors, and brash types she is charming and inspiring in a way that is hard to put a finger on for most everyone else. Despite her years of experience on the field of battle, she has maintained her honor, dignity, respect and compassion for people who do so love one of their greatest Heroes. True bloodshed is not something she reaches for so easily even though she -does- enjoy a bit of violence from time to time to keep her wits about her. Within reason, of course.


Andromeda has always been athletically inclined, coordinated and possessed of a strong build. Her resilience, however, was something that needed work. She'd always been described as soft of heart, and while her mother assured her there was nothing wrong with that, she warned her about kindness and mercy. These are principles that warriors of Andromeda's caliber simply can't afford. Everyone who knew her growing up remembers a time in which the apprentice Sword was idealistic, maybe even naive.

That all changed when she was taken captive during a battle waged against the enemies of Tremorus. A particularly brutal tribe of Abandoned spent months torturing her for information they could use to fight against their enemies in turn. She was never allowed a moment of peace, but they knew that at the very least their "noble" hostage needed to remain whole enough to be used in negotiations if it came down to it. Andromeda managed, after a lengthy confinement, to trick her gaoler into letting her out. When she got her hands on a sword, it was only a matter of time. She slaughtered everyone who got in her way, and then she slaughtered everyone else at the holding. They call it the Night of Long Screams, and it is a tale that has endured in the history of the Proscipi.

When Andromeda returned to her people she wasted no time in informing her kinsmen of the knowledge she had gathered while being kept prisoner; enemy movements and other inside information that allowed them to smash the opposition on every front. In the final battle she fought their Champion one on one with the stipulation that the victor takes all -- despite the protestations of her brother Remus who felt it was pure folly. Andromeda's cold methodology and skill with a blade allowed her to carve through him like a cake. After which, of course, the rest of the clan quickly disarmed and bent the knee. The shattered blade of her foe remains on display in the museum of the Leporidae and since then she has become something of a ruthless pragmatic.

After Tremorus and Leporidae bent the knee, she was introduced to the concept of the Champion's Guild, which quickly caught her mind, and fascinated her. It wasn't long before the Prodigal Champion joined their ranks, eager to find new ways of testing herself, and of emerging victorious.