Alfio Donatti

Alfio Donatti
Social Rank 8
Fealty Pravus
House Donatti
Gender Male
Age 28
Religion Atheist
Vocation Weaponsmith
Height 6'0
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Tanned
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A beast of a man stands tall and well-built. His bronzed skin speaks of his days spent under the southern sun, as well as the hours dedicated to his task at the forge. His callused and slightly burnt hands echo such a tale. His dark brown hair is often pulled back into a ponytail. His face is framed by a thick but well-tended beard.


A people pleaser and a charmer like most Donatti. Alfio, often, finds himself getting involved in the business of others, and, generally, trying to find a way to help them while benefiting himself. He is, much like his siblings and kin, a determined, cunning, hardworking and ambitious man eager to prove his finesse and make himself known in the world.


Born and raised in the city of Southport, Alfio was the middle child of three siblings. His mother passed away after giving birth to his youngest brother, and his father was pretty much absent --spending most of what he earned on drinks. Practically an orphan, just like his siblings, he did whatever he could to survive.