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|Uncles Aunts=
|Uncles Aunts=

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Faye Ruger
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
House Ruger
Gender Female
Age 43
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Inquisitor
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Medium Blonde
Eye Color Warm Brown
Skintone Fair
Parents Berthold Ruger
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For her modest height, she gives off a disproportionate aura of power. Doe eyes in shades of warm earth snap - her focus sharp beneath even, fair brows. Fine lines crinkle the corners of her eyes, giving her keen gaze the look of earned wisdom. A streak of near-white runs through her thick, straight hair of muted gold, sweeping over her strong shoulders. Her form is built and toned from frequent work, solidity in her limbs giving her a sense of balance and calculated movement that she carries well. Her rare smiles are both soft and slight, a glimpse of the woman beyond the rigid composure and sculpted form.


Serious, determined, relentless. Scary. All are descriptors one might hear about Faye, asking her friends and coworkers. It's true, her upbringing at the hands of the man who was Master of Questions of the investigation instilled in her values somewhat...different from most girls. She is stoic and composed, an accomplished actress in many ways. While she doesn't take anyone at face value, she DOES believe in the inherent good of people, and has a fierce, compassionate heart. Faye is a woman who takes full responsibility for her actions and their effects - she says she can't bemoan her life when she made the choice to put on the mantle. To take up the bow. Any guilt she feels is a burden she willingly carries, so that the innocent never have to. With her friends, she is known to show a sense of humor dry and acidic. She sugarcoats nothing, and is just as blunt and demanding with them as she is with herself, but there's nothing she wouldn't do to protect them.


Despite growing up a commoner, Faye Ruger was treated with a degree of respect and even fear that she never could grow accustomed to. The daughter of the previous Master of Questions of the Inquisition, her father was responsible for ferreting out the threats to the Compact and bringing the enemies of the Crown to justice, and Faye quickly learned as a child just how feared the Inquisition truly was. It pained her to see innocent men and women legitimately afraid of the institution, and deeply offended her that some would imagine that her good and honorable father would be capable of the kind of arbitrary maliciousness that some ascribe to the Crown's investigative arm. Certainly the Inquisition has to make difficult, even cruel choices at times for the good of everyone, but she never saw her father be capricious or unjust, and she grew up expecting to follow in his footsteps to safeguard the Realm. Her father Berthold Ruger's death a decade ago solidified that vague expectation into a burning desire, and there's perhaps no more dedicated investigator inside the entire Inquisition.

Certainly that's what her partner and constant companion Prince Laric Grayson feels about her, with his freewheeling and imaginative nature a perfect match for her dedicated, calculating resolve. It's not easy, and she's had to do plenty of things to protect the realm that can make one lose sleep at night, but this is what she was born to do.