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|Eye Color=Hazel
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Conrad Drayton
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
House Drayton
Gender Male
Age 30
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height 5'11
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Skintone Fair
Authored By / Featured In


Despite being a veteran of the Gray Forest pacification campaigns, Conrad doesn't have many scars outside one across his forearm from an axe; a testament to the effectiveness of his infantry line. Cropped black hair frames a chiseled face, while a well toned body speaks of a well maintained exercise routine. While Conrad does tend to have a severe demeanor on the job and off, he does not come off as imposing; he's the first to say he's presenting an orderly example. Discipline is how he survived the campaigns, after all.


Having seen what discipline and training can do for a military unit, Conrad makes no apologies to his units for being a relentless hardass when it comes to drilling. Off duty, the man is still stern, but mainly as an example to live up to, not as an abusive slavedriver. Not much of a drinker, Conrad prefers other diversions off-duty... thought he is fine with lightweight stuff on vacation.


He's seen the worst war can offer. A former Grayson soldier from an unremarkable village in the Gray Forest, Conrad and dozens of his friends were conscripted in the war to pacify the Reavers in the Gray Forest during those campaigns. He knew it was coming at least, and enlisted the help of a veteran from previous campaigns to teach him the basics, while his friends simply laughed at him for taking 'shavs' so seriously.

In the end, most of those friends only survived the year long campaign because they stuck with him and learned to keep up with proper formation work in the infantry lines after their first real combat.

When Conrad went home from there, the village just... wasn't the same. His friends went back to hunting and farming. His family expected him to do the same, but Conrad had gotten a solid taste of the power of a sword, and wanted to earn a much better living doing that, as he'd heard from the soldiers that mercenaries get paid very well if they're good enough. Having heard in passing about the Crimson Blades, Conrad went to Arx to sign up.

His time among the Grayson armies had already given him an edge in experience, so when the time for promotions came around, Conrad was an easy pick. He's served as an officer in the Crimson Blades for a while, now.