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Social Rank 8
Fealty Thrax
Gender Female
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Sailor
Height average height
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Eye Color Sage Green
Skintone Fair
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Zyn has long dark, chocolate hair that falls well past her shoulders, and radiant green eyes under slender brows. Slender and lithe, Zyn stands a little over five feet in height. Her rosy lips are often tilted in a smirk more than a smile, mischief dancing her in eyes to match. She's often found with a bottle in one hand, and her sword in the other.


In a word, Zyn is sanguine. She is boisterous, bubbly, chatty and openly emotional. She's always out on an adventure, playfully seeking something fun worth doing, leading to wild nights and late mornings. Zyn can be a little flighty, however, should something new and shiny catch her eyes. Her emotions run in extremes, often swinging from 'I hate you!' to 'You're the best person ever!' in the manner of seconds, regardless of drama or damage caused by it. She's enthusiastic, with high self-esteem and very easy-going. She's also a lost cause when it comes to things like organization and planning. Why plan the future, when you can experience the now? She's also very tactile. Just be warned: there may be hugging involved.


Zyn was born on a ship, literally. Her first wobbling steps were taken across the swaying deck of a ship, and her first words were all nautical. Try as they might, her parents tried to keep her feet on the ground, but the little girl would have none of it. Head in the clouds, she's snuck onto more ships almost as many times as she's been kicked off them, so it came as no surprise to her family when they learned that Zyn's most recent attempt at being a stow-away actually worked. It was only a matter of time. However, they didn't expect that would be the last they saw of her as the ship she was aboard was raided and her cover blown.

Zyn, fierce little thing that she was, traded a life of books and baking for swabbing decks and scuttling across the rigging to the crow's nest, often jumping from one ship to the next with the winds of change at her back, decisions based on how quickly life became monotonous.

Her most recent adventures have led her to Arx, where she searches for something to break the monotony of being landlocked while she selects her next assignment.