Reiker Wyrmguard

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Reiker Wyrmguard
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Wyrmguard
Gender Male
Age 30
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 6'6
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color Ice Blue
Skintone Milky
Parents Damien Wyrmguard
Siblings Clover Farshaw, Sorrel Wyrmguard
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Reiker is a man with a conflicted appearance. Golden hair falls perfectly across his brow, his jaw is chiseled and forms into his high cheek bones leaving him with an awe inducing look for many. His eyes though are as glossed over and intense as the ice they share color with. Each one appears to look through or down on anyone in front of him, as if constantly calculating the world. His slender body is well toned though lean, leaving him shapely and dextrose, though there are several scars on his torso to break an otherwise flawless visage.


Reiker is often called dismissive, he cares little for anything that doesn't effect him directly, and doesn't empathize with others. Being the oldest child, as soon as his younger sibling was born, he put extra weight on his shoulders to be a role model. He is straightforward, usually honest, and only ever smiles after saying something smart assed or in a fight. Despite how rude he is, some see that he feels that his harsh treatment will better those around him, though Reiker doesn't admit to doing it out of love.


Born to Damien and Annaliese Wyrmguard, Reiker is the oldest child of the lesser part of his family. Raised as a knight, the boy showed an odd aptitude in his young age, favoring a long spear rather than a sword. Though mocked at first by some, he was earily efficient with the weapon, claiming that he didn't want to be touched by such useless people. At first this seemed to be a thing of pride, though outside of fighting, he had no problem entering contact with commoners, he merely liked to get into his opponents head by looking down on them. A lively, happy child quickly turned stern as his first sibling was born, Reiker was serious about always listening, and took it very much to heart when told he had to be an example for them. He didn't play often as a child, but devoted his time to studying, to fighting better and harder under the impression that the better he could be, the better his siblings would be. His love was harsh, during the middle child's training Reiker often would smack their hand and trip them, regardless of the skill difference and unfairness. He would insult them, force them to study, and to sleep the proper time if they resisted.

Once he felt that they were too old to need him, Reiker set out to spend some years wandering the world to perform his duties to it. He couldn't learn anything more sparring at home with the same people he'd been facing for years. He went to learn new ways people might try to harm him, to study societies, shavs, and different battlefields took the young knights help graciously. He returns to Arx a grim man, with his head held high and a spear still at his side, hoping to become more than he has been the past 30 years so he can continue to try and be something to look up to.