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Welcome to the Arx Wiki! This is an unofficial labor of love to provide supplemental help to players of Arx, an online roleplaying game. The purpose of this wiki is to help house official information from Arx in a cross-referenced manner and to provide a place for players to create additional content. As said: this is an unofficial resource. We ask players to stay within the canon for any contributions or edits they may make, but keep in mind that this isn't a resource provided and maintained by the Arx owners.

If you're new to Arx, there is a terrific Introduction to Arx guide that will give you a quick rundown on the history and geography of the setting. For a quick overview of most systems in the game as they were initially designed for Alpha, see this guide.

Information about characters, houses, families, etc. are all pulled automatically from the official game database. However, players are welcome to utilize a subpage option to feature custom information about their characters and houses. For more info, visit the Characters or Houses page.

Finally: this is a work in progress! Things may change from day to day, so don't worry too much if something looks different. If you run into any issues, feel free to ping Aleksei on the game.

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