Zakhar Shav

Zakhar Shav
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
"Crownsworn" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Shav
Gender Male
Age 65
Religion Shamanism
Vocation Mercenary
Height tall
Hair Color White
Eye Color Silver Blue
Skintone Sun Kissed
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Zakhar might be old, though he doesn't act like it. Currently standing at six feet and four inches tall, with piercing silver blue eyes and white hair. His skin is sun touched from many years of being in battles, with a scar that sits on the bridge of his nose from above his right eye to below the left.


Zakhar is lucky, and knows it. The most noticable scar on him is the one that sits across the middle of his nose. The axe that put it there should have killed him, but it didn't. He acts twenty years younger than he is given the day. From the wrinkles and hardened lines of many years of being a solider, and out living most others in the same career, one might assume that he is hardened to the core of his being as well. They'd be wrong, though he doesn't make it easy for outsiders to see this.

He is chivalrous and still amused by what the world can teach him.


Zakhar is a complicated individual, and depending on the state of mind one might catch him in, they might...might get a clearer picture. Born to a Shav'arvani tribe that was in the isles, which one? he'll never directly say. Sent to the mainland as a child to escape the oncoming difficulties of some lord seeking the tribe to take a knee. Raised in the lowers by several different families, he learned to continually be on the move as each would get more cautious around him as they learned more about his constant search for answers of the world around him. Highly creative with what might be a considered a weapon, considered too dangerous by some, while others are interested in his collections. He was always destined to be become a mercenary, as there are too many rules for soldiers.

There was an incident when he was young where he learned he had a knack for being lucky, which started a trend to throw himself into situations that would cause others to wince, come out seriously injured, or dead. The ability to come out mostly unscathed or live from the injuries earned him a position with various groups that would hand over the most dangerous positions to him with a smirk in thinking this one would remove him from being their problem. However, he kept coming back. Eventually his recklessness earned him a permenant scar the runs the middle of his face. A bar fight broke out, he took a hand axe to the skull, and woke up with medics telling him it was a miracle that he was still alive. Though he knew better.

It was shortly after earning the scar that the family he was with was tired of his recklessness and handed him over to the newly forming Crimson Blades. Lord General Tobias, the Captain-General of the Crimson Blades took the young man in and taught him how to put his skills to mostly good use. Again, Zakhar went to work taking the more dangerous contracts, earning a name for himself in the company. Today, he's a staple of the company. He's seen more blades fall than retire, has been deployed to nearly the entire known compact lands. If it's happened, he's seen it. His experience and leadership are part of what makes the Crimson Blades one of the toughest group of mercenaries in Arvum.

Over the course of his extended years in a position that will typically see many die young with only a few afforded the luxury to retire, he's excelled to learning multiple trades. Being stuck in the field on long contracts awarded with time to learn how to fix his own armor, weapons, clothing, and ultimately others as well earning him many odd friendships or allies over the years which can all be put to use in the city.