Yuri Tessere

Yuri Tessere
Social Rank 5
Fealty Lyceum
House Tessere
Gender Male
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height tall
Hair Color Walnut
Eye Color Icy Blue
Skintone Olive
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The young Tessere carried himself with all the swagger his years could bring him, cut to a healthy athletic build that sung notes of equal parts the lush and the laborer. His features were a striking mix given his family; thick lockes of walnut brown that framed his face or slicked back away from it with a pair of stark cerulean eyes. In fact, he hardly looked part of the family save for that charming smile of Iriscal that hinted; screamed, at his lineage.


Yuri finds himself rather affable, and a pleasure to hold conversation on the topics he could speak to. Rarely is he one to shirk a challenge, almost overconfident that his prowess will see him through the tribulation. He thrives in the company of his peers, feeding off the attention as if he draws life and intrigue from such interaction. Each nod, each bow, is almost an orchestrated performance and the lord performs in his role with such confidence.


Yuri Tessere grew in the shadows of Fortezza di Iriscal, tutored under the watchful eye of his mother, Lauretta Tessere. For all of his faults, Yuri found himself a enigmatic child. The child was always tugging at his mother's skirts, more akin to a sheltered rugrat than an heir. His consort-lord father, Lord Henrik Arscelais, found the child incessantly whiny and loud, opting to carry his time with finances, assisting in daily trade to Lauretta more than make himself a real figure to his newly acquired son. (Some say the new lord-consort dallied himself with 'other' distractions but servants can only gossip for so long). It can sorely be said that the death of Yuri's birth father, Lauretta's first husband of House Daleron, had some adverse effect on the boy. It made him subdued, quiet, and too reticent. It fell to Lauretta and the servants of the manse to break the boy out of his proverbial chains. Scholars taught him ways of the coin, law, and the arts. The House marshal took the lad every day for drills and practice to harden his body as his mind was sharpened.

It was a fine balance of both the arts and martial prowess that painted the young lord’s steps as he grew from quiet and frail child to an enthusiastic and daring teenager. He was ever a student of his mother in these times, playing her shadow as he watched as Lauretta tended to the needs of the house as well as family business when it came to her own sister, Countess Lucrezia Tessere. Where Lucrezia had been lush in her court, Lauretta was the keeper; ever her sister’s fondest source of praise and very quick to defend her in all facets. As Lauretta found herself wrapped in the affairs of her sister and niece, Sabine, Yuri was tasked to challenge his mind to assist the House in any way he could Whether it be playing host to his mother’s soirees and hosting friends and family for small, friendly tourneys as time allotted. The lord began to grow into his own as a suitable host, though it did not bring any love or change in his stepfather’s demeanor.

Thus, the year 1008 AR brought with it a trial that would color the rest of Yuri’s world: the death of his aunt, Countess Lucrezia. Lauretta was inconsolable, having learned almost immediately of the tragedy and her daily happenings all but ceased. A deep shadow was cast over the manse that seemed to affect all within, including Yuri as he watched his loving and tender guardian become wracked with grief. Though, it did not seem to dissuade his stepfather, Lord Henrik, from growing cross at his wife being locked away in her chambers for hours on end. He had begun to feel spurned of her affection and had started to make this publicly known. His blunders were his undoing.

Some stewards and manse personnel say that the Lord begged for mercy as he was ejected from the courtyard doors by Master Yuri himself, thrown into a fit of rage and yelling demands of his mother never to be spoken in that manner again, that if words about his Aunt were spoken again in a besmirching manner, he would have no where to run. And some of those stewards watched on with not a dry eye as the little lord had grown himself into a master of the House before their eyes.

Yuri pledged himself as to his mother’s decrees and demands, much to her glee as her little boy now became her most loved defender. The first order of business was to assist his cousin, the new Countess, Sabine Tessere, however he could. No self-respecting son could have denied that request; for it was she who held a candle for he in youth when all other lights had flickered out to him.

‘Twas time to repay the favor.