Xyander Grimhall

Xyander Grimhall
Social Rank 9
Fealty Thrax
House Grimhall
Gender Male
Age 21
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height average height
Hair Color Black Dreads
Eye Color Hazel Grey
Skintone Coca Brown
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Before you is a dark skinned man, standing at a height of 5'10. His dark skinned complexion is like that of cocoa with stunning hazel grey eyes that have just a slight shimmer of something within them. If he's seen laughing he does all his teeth and is pleasent, he has an athletic build to his body and not overly muscled which doesn't seem to take away from the speed that lies beneath those muscles.


Xyander is a very out going person. His past isn't something to bore people with, he knows that his current position in life isn't the best but that's where that inner fire within blazes through as he does what he can to help people he meet and try to put smiles on others. Xyander's compassion shines through as he always have a comforting smile on his face as he greets people.


Born as a thrall, Xander grew up without knowing much of his family as they were split up when he was fairly young. He started out as a Scholar's assistant in Grihem's Point to Duke Eugine Grimhall and thus, had a fairly typical traditional experience. Which means most of the time, it wasn't entirely a pleasant life.

When thralldom began to crumble, however, his future became more and more uncertain until he found himself adrift in a new life. Traveling to Arx, he has embarked on his new journey and seeks proper employment with House Grimhall there as the winds of change continue to blow.