Wyrmguard Thematic Inclinations

"A very old house in the Oathlands, House Wyrmguard has existed since the time of the Reckoning, when it split from House Valardin as a member of the family was granted their own march to rule independently. While the blood has grown distant over the past thousand years, House Wyrmguard still represents some of the most stalwart and loyal backers of their ancient cousins in House Valardin. Fiercely loyal and fearless, House Wyrmguard has been found on the front lines against any wars with the shavs, frequently leading the forces of the Duke of Telmarch."

When speaking in regards to the theme of House Wyrmguard, the most prominent thematic influence would be Arthurian legend. The knights of the round-table, a sense of honor and duty to a greater cause beyond their own territories. There is an air of the ancient to Blancbier and the surrounding areas as if this is where the heart of many commonly known fairy tales were born.

That said, while there may be a prominent stereotype that most Wyrmguards and their house affiliated denizens are of a more noble and faithful mien, it is not the only character archetype acceptable or available. Every great house is diverse in the types of people within it, so if you're looking to design a Wyrmguard relative, vassal, commoner or otherwise... don't feel limited to just the pomp and circumstance!

House Wyrmguard Genetic Style Guide

House Wyrmguard
Every bloodline has its own mix of of genetic inclinations and the Wyrmguards are no different. Below you'll find the more common genetic themes for members of the Wyrmguard bloodline. Players of course are not limited to these specifications! This is just the general feel of the "family look."
  • Eye Color: Deep Blue (dominant), Gray, Silver
  • Hair Color: Black (dominant), Blonde, Platinum/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Height-
    • Male: 5'10-6'2"
    • Female: 5'6-5"8

The Great Fortress City of Blancbier

The City of Mercy
"Nearly as old as Sanctum, the fortress city of Blancbier was founded as a northern march to guard the approach of the Valardin capital city after the Reckoning. Sometimes called the City of Mercy, many worshipers of Lagoma come to study the healing arts and the funeral rites of the pyre."

They aren't joking when they call it "the Great Fortress City." By all accounts, Blancbier is quite literally a fortress. Built atop the hill over a rolling plain overlooking its territories and nestled in a deep inlet of the mountain divide West of the Telmarch, the city itself rises up on thick walls of carved stone and is broken down into sectional districts. Each district represents a different trade focus or export Blancbier is known for in addition to a housing district for both the Upper/Middle and then lower class. Even in the less reputable areas, the city is exceedingly cleanly.

"City of Mercy"

Mercy of Lagoma
Blancbier houses one of the largest collections of Mercies in Arvum and for many of the Mercies of Lagoma the city serves as a home base of sorts. Students of the healing arts as well as their teachers are seen in constant throughout the great stone walks all over the expanse of the great fortress. In fact, the more impoverished areas tend to be swamped with students putting forth their education in practical use. So while Blancbier is sometimes called the City of Mercy, it is not without reason. It is also one of the healthiest cities in Arvum and its local population has a notably longer lifespan because of this.

Major Exports

Primarily Blancbier's main export is its medicinal goods. Salves, potions, aromatics and teas... the apothecaries of the great city are always on the cutting edge of medical advancement. It can be assumed the reason for this is the integrated cohabitation of the Faith as most of those trudging about the apothecariums have either studied with or are Mercies of Lagoma themselves.

Beyond that, though Blancbier offers a high quality steel for export as well as tinder, it is better known for its less practically used exports. Some of the best chocolatiers in Arvum (though they would argue the known world) reside within Blancbier. Even House Wyrmguard maintains its own brand of chocolate as well as a signature scotch known as "Dragon's Flame."

And last but not least, notably Blancbier fashion is an export all its own. Progressive in style and poise armor smiths, leather workers and tailors alike of the City of Mercy pride themselves on their unique and elegant style.




Knights of Blancbier

Vassal Houses