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Redreef NPCs

Family tree of House Redreef
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NPC-Bryce.jpg Lord Bryce Redreef (née Helianthus) – Deceased

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."
Husband of Lady Selena Redreef. Father of Dua and Leila. Grandfather of Gehenna, Nimue, and Griffin. First cousin of the late Duke Ivan Helianthus.

Very much a Mourning Isles "man's man" – made a name for himself as a sailor, reaver, and fighter. In his older age, when his body had broken down, he enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren, particularly his unhidden favorite, Gehenna.

NPC-Dionisia.jpg Lady Dionisia Redreef

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."
Wife of Lord Guillaume Redreef. Mother of Helewise.

Politically a centrist, leaning traditional, particularly in economic matters. An administrator of no especial renown beyond her nobility. Her passion has never been in her work, but rather in wine. She's not a problem drinker – no more than any traditional Islander – but gives most of her time toward her "hobby" vineyard. As a noble, she's unable to sell the wine herself, but her pride as an artisan means that on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, et cetera, she always has a bottle to offer.

NPC-Dua.jpg Lady Dua Redreef

"The Isles' biggest problems are progressivism and cowardice."
Wife of Lord Spencer Redreef. Mother of Gehenna, Nimue, and Griffin. Daughter of Lady Selena and Lord Bryce Redreef. Identical twin sister of Leila. First cousin, once removed of Duke Ivan Helianthus.

Lady Dua is a short (5'3") and ample woman who holds the world around her to exacting standards. Nothing less than perfection is tolerated. She holds deeply traditional Islander beliefs. Her penchant for cutting remarks is notorious, and she has never felt the need to hold her tongue at family gatherings. A good example of her parenting style: when Lady Nimue (6'3" tall) was younger, a common punishment employed by Lady Dua was to make Nimue kneel so that Dua could smack them upside the back of the head.

NPC-Guillaume.jpg Lord Guillaume Redreef (née Fournier)

"Politics doesn't make strange bedfellows – marriage does."
Husband of Lady Dionisia Redreef. Father of Helewise.

Hails from the Barony of Cassyl, in the Oathlands. Lives up to Oathlandic stereotypes: honor, the Faith, chivalry, stuffiness... Mostly behind his back, others in House Redreef call him "the Oathlander." Whenever that name is invoked – and it's usually invoked as a negative – the Redreef nobles know who's being discussed. Despite this, he honors his oaths, and even those who roll their eyes at his preference for moderation in drinking can't deny that he's a fine sailor, soldier, and duelist.

NPC-Landis.jpg Baron Landis RedreefDeceased

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."
Husband of Baroness-consort Leticia Redreef. Father of Ember and Marina.

Assassinated under unknown circumstances. Was succeeded as Baron by his brother Tiberius, until Ember and Marina took Redreef Shores for themselves. In life, he was a capable leader. He was given to personal indulgences in his parenting, that were cause for minor gossip: allowing his daughters to learn sailing and swordplay.

NPC-Leila.jpg Lady Leila Redreef

"Traditions touch us, they connect us, and they expand us."
Wife of Lord Paolo Redreef. Mother of Alina. Daughter of Lady Selena and Lord Bryce Redreef. Identical twin sister of Dua. First cousin, once removed of Duke Ivan Helianthus.

A lawyer by trade. Exactly as traditional as her twin sister, but less harsh. She's the "people person" of the pair.

NPC-Leticia.jpg Baroness-Consort Leticia Redreef (née Daveiga) – Deceased

"Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity."
Wife of Baron Landis Redreef. Mother of Ember and Marina. Sister of Marquessa Magdalena Daveiga.

Lycene, through and through. Hailed from the March of Rivincita, the younger sister of its current Marquessa. Spent time in Setarco as a younger woman, before she was married off into the Mourning Isles. An expert at passive-aggressive dramatics; unironically employed a fainting couch. Equal parts aloof and bewitching, and never dressed in anything less than the finest that her station could afford her.

NPC-Paolo.jpg Lord Paolo Redreef (née Redtyde)

"I have had the privilege of losing everything."
Husband of Lady Leila Redreef. Father of Alina.

Native of Redkeep. Married into House Redreef on the cusp of House Redtyde's demolishment in the Tyde Rebellion. When House Redtyde was seemingly destroyed, Lord Paolo threw himself into proving himself as a Redreef, often undertaking dangerous feats to try and overcompensate.

NPC-Spencer.jpg Lord Spencer Redreef (née Warwynd)

"Traditionalism is just what is right, proper, decent, and moral. That's all it is."
Husband of Lady Dua Redreef. Father of Gehenna, Nimue, and Griffin.

The true Tallest Redreef, standing at 6'5". A strong, brave warrior who has personally overseen all manner of campaigns against shavs. He and Dua often play "good cop, bad cop" – Spencer as good cop, Dua as bad cop – but there's no mistaking that under the surface, he's just as demanding of those around him as his wife is. He expects people to give their all, and has no respect for anything less, even if he's able to paper over it with charm.

Dredcall NPCs

Family tree of the below NPCs
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NPC-Ausan.jpg Lady Ausan Dredcall

"There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people."
Voice of House Dredcall. Younger sister to Marquis Victor, older sister to Jocosa. Absolute ice queen. Humorless. Joyless. Ruthless.

NPC-Jocosa.jpg Lady Jocosa Dredcall

"I must find a truth that is true for me."
House Dredcall Minister of Income. Youngest sister of Marquis Victor and Lady Ausan. Perpetually lives within their shadow. A mess of insecurities.

NPC-Isar.jpg Lord Isar Dredcall

"Hate your enemy with a whole heart."
Admiral of House Dredcall's Navy. First cousin of Victor, Ausan, Jocosa, etc. Shav raiders attacked his wedding ceremony and killed his bride, Lady Soli Brightmoon. He could spend the rest of his life crushing shav tribes and still not feel as though the scales have been evened.

NPC-Balthazar.jpg Lord Balthazar Dredcall

"Calm down; your heart will prompt you to achieve nothing."
House Dredcall Minister of Loyalty. Father of Sigeric and Coventina. Uncle of Victor, Ausan, Jocosa, Isar. Quiet. Calm. Even-keeled. Very much a "place for everything, and everything in its place" type, and serene and happy when things are in their places. But always watching with sharp eyes for anything that might be out of place. Always.

NPC-Sigeric.jpg Lord Sigeric Dredcall

"Only the dead have seen the end of war."
House Dredcall Minister of Warfare. Older brother of Coventina. Son of Balthazar. First cousin of everyone else in this table. A capable military tactician with a strong reputation. Perpetually tired. Possibly pushing himself too hard.

NPC-Coventina.jpg Lady Coventina Dredcall

"Never tell your resolution beforehand."
House Dredcall Minister of Productivity. Younger sister of Sigeric. Daughter of Balthazar. First cousin of everyone else in this table. Very good at her ministerial duties, but possessed of much greater ambitions. Competent, confident, Machiavellian, dangerous.