Styx Whisper

Styx Whisper
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
"Crownsworn" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Whisper
Gender Female
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height average height
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skintone Pale-white
Authored By / Featured In


Styx is an agile-looking, tall, pale-white girl with long black hair tied into a bun in the back. She has bright green eyes that generally stick out compared to her dark colored hair and clothes. Her overall face shape has a natural attitude to it, making it harder for others to know how she feels from a glance.


Styx tries to maintain calm and logical in conversations when in public. In more private conversations, she's shy and secretly wants to make friends with others, though she would never admit it. She tends to refer to people by their full name and title and ask if she doesn't know unless the timing is improper.


Styx was known to be a studious kid from a young age; She was always interested in technical and how-to books, asking adventures and knights stories about their travels and their oaths. But the one theme that stuck was the gods and the Mirror. She'd often ask why people were afraid of mirrors, they only reflect back what's already in front of them after all. When she became older, she found out a good way to learn from others is by being a messenger and being a diplomat, why ask people when you can get them to tell you out of their own will? Up to this point, her life didn't lead her into any real issues or complications until one night she dreamt of a mirror. A large, wide imposing mirror that you'd mistake for rippling if you stared at it for too long. In this dream, she walked up and placed her hand on the mirror glass, but instead of touching something solid she fell through, she closed her eyes as she melted into the mirror not knowing what would happen. Then she opened her eyes, and she was on the floor of her room, disorientated and confused about what happened. Ever since that night, she's been doing what she can to learn more about this mirror, and what it meant for her.