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Maris Maw
Age 25  +
Background Maris was born in a small fishing hamlet w
Maris was born in a small fishing hamlet within the Mourning Isles, a cold and destitute land known to bred strong men and women. He grew up knowing abject poverty (with the addition of being bullied for the abnormality of his eyes, a condition that afflicted most of his family), the eldest of five children. His father, an adventerous man, had abandoned fishing for a short stint as a sailor, before finally turning to the life of a sellsword. A young Maris followed a similar path, fishing as a boy to help his family stay fed, before trying his hand at sailing, accompaying several voyages before deciding to take up the sword as his father had years prior. His years as a teenager and young adult were spent on the warpath; always on the move, traveling the world, taking the highest paying contracts and never considering the danger, only glory. He went from band to band, carving out a name for himself through merit and action, never staying in one region of the world for too long, and never returning home. In the end, he was very different from the young boy that left his little fishing village looking for wealth and recognition. The scars across his flesh told that much. But the wild hunt was to continue, and this time would bring him to the grand city of Arx, reunited with his youngest brother Egon with shared goals of glory. Would the Champion's Guild be his future? Or perhaps he would chase after his childhood dream of being Knighted? Only time will tell.
am of being Knighted? Only time will tell.  +
Character Status Active  +
Description Intense orbs of vibrant violet boldly obse
Intense orbs of vibrant violet boldly observe the world, presenting an immediate duality: striking eyes, a brilliant purple hue, like precious gems of amethyst nestled within the contours of a rougishly handsome face. Yet, a genetic anomaly that sets this young man apart in more ways than one. Countless scars have turned his smooth porcelain flesh into a twisted tapestry of life spent at war, blade in hand. Rips, gashes, cuts, gouges and dents decorate his battle hardened physique, each of them telling a story. His hair is a champagne blonde, well groomed and meticulously cared for, creating an air of vanity about the mercenary despite his dangerous exterior. Taller and thicker than most, he has an incredibly well developed musculature. Each limb is hard and completely striated, defined, ripped; musclebound but utilitarian, as he is still flexible and nimble like a feline.
s still flexible and nimble like a feline.  +
Eye Color Vibrant Violet  +
Full Name Maris Maw  +
Gender Male  +
Hair Color Champagne Blonde  +
Height tall  +
House Maw +
Personality Naturally daring and bold, Maris' life spe
Naturally daring and bold, Maris' life spent with war and death as a constant companion has done little to dim his natural charm, quick tongue and predisposition to having a good time. Once he has a goal in mind or sets his eye on the prize, he'll do everything in his power to obtain it. In general, family always comes first. After that, it's a level playing field that he's eager to seize and experience.
d that he's eager to seize and experience.  +
Religion Pantheon  +
Skintone Scarred Porcelain  +
Social Rank 9  +
Vocation Mercenary  +
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Maris Maw +
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