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Margerie Clement
Age 40  +
Background Margerie Keaton was a free-spirited child.
Margerie Keaton was a free-spirited child. It was thought that she would be one of those Keatons that eschewed the safe walls of Keaton Keep and lived in the wilds with their hounds and a few boon companions seeing to the land and keeping order and peace amongst the villages. But that level of roughing it never appealed to Margerie either. It was freedom she sought, independance with the benefits of wealth and a noble name. As a second daughter, she was nearly guarenteed an at least comfortable existance, and in truth, she was alright with that. Then her elder sister Nadine fell in love with the wrong man. A horrible, lying and deceitful man. Before being engaged, Nadine threw caution to the wind and became pregnant. The details of what happened between Nadine and her lover aren't common knowledge, and even Margerie has been left to guess. Nadine's son was supposedly born stillborn and her sister, growing ever more despondant and depressed, took a knife to her own throat and died. Margerie's days of liesure were over. She spent the next twenty years as Countess of Oakhaven. She was married off, had a daughter, the days a seemingly endless parade of reports, requests, demands, delegations... it was *awful*. When news came to her that Nadine's child was still alive she was overjoyed. Bringing hm to the Keep and seeing him trained to take his rightful place was an immense relief. Knowing that there may be some whispers and doubts regarding his legitimacy and knowing that the best way to ensure his line -- their line -- continued would be to get his a noble heir of his own. Margerie cast a net and found an extremely distant and mostly forgotten branch of the Wyrmguard family looking to regain significance through marrying off their last daughter. They were difficult negotiations, but it ensured a happy future for all. Right? The marriage carried out, Margerie was getting ready to settle into a life of liesure when her husband Harlow passed away. The memories are too sharp and she's decided to follow her nephew Kael to Arx, letting her younger brother Eaton to watch after the family home.
ther Eaton to watch after the family home.  +
Character Status Roster  +
Cousins Morden Keaton + , Guy Keaton + , Nikias Inverno + , Talissa Keaton + , Kastelon Keaton + , Kendrick Keaton + , Enos Keaton +
Description Hers is a barely mature beauty, only just
Hers is a barely mature beauty, only just reaching her mid-years, she still clings to youth's glory. Wide blue eyes the color of a summer sea are framed in thick lashes, only the barest hint of laugh lines crinkling the corners. Her mouth is generous, expressive, quick with a smile, sometimes pinched in an affectionately judgemental purse. She is of average height and built on a lean, but womanly frame. She is, in a word, sweet, projecting a sense of good-spirited fun that builds upon her otherwise youthful charm.
builds upon her otherwise youthful charm.  +
Eye Color Cerulean  +
Fealty Valardin +
Full Name Margerie Clement  +
Gender Female  +
Hair Color Chestnut  +
Height average height  +
House Clement +
Parents Hugo Keaton +
Personality Margerie Keaton is a woman who wants nothi
Margerie Keaton is a woman who wants nothing more than to experience all of the joys that life has to offer. Drinking, eating, dancing, conversations with fascinating people -- she is the very soul of an Arxian socialite. While she might be, only barely, into her middle years, she has all the vivacious energy and drive of a woman a decade younger. The only remnants from her time as Countess Keaton is a lingering inability to completely cut the apron strings with her nephew, Kael. She spent almost twenty years as countess, and she knows how things work most smoothly. So if she chimes in with advice every now and again, well.... that's just being a good Aunt.
n, well.... that's just being a good Aunt.  +
Religion Pantheon  +
Siblings Nadine Keaton + , Ambrose Keaton + , Casimir Acheron + , Baelor Keaton + , Glain Keaton +
Skintone Ivory  +
Social Rank 6  +
Uncle Aunts Serena Keaton + , Ylaine Keaton + , Rhys Keaton +
Vocation Noble  +
Categories Characters
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