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Aella Ravenseye
Age 32  +
Background The firstborn of Chieftain Bran Ravenseye,
The firstborn of Chieftain Bran Ravenseye, Aella has always been on a path toward leading her clan of hardy, stalwart seafarers. Graced with rich red hair at birth, the girl was raised hearing murmurs about the blood that runs through her and similarities to her mother - Gudrun - and grandmother. A talented shaman of the Ravenseye people, Gudrun tragically disappeared during a raid by a rival Shav'arvani clan when Aella was just a baby. Bran searched for several years, finding no trace of his wife. Eventually, he remarried, which resulted in Aella gaining three siblings. Cadern, Rosalind, and Triton are all so different from her - and each other, but she loves them all and would do anything in her power to see them succeed. Of the four, Aella took to sailing the best, and she spent as much time as she could learning the ropes and gaining experience to earn being called 'captain' upon reaching her 18th year. And though her people needed to raid to survive, she developed a distinct hate for pirates before her people ever joined the Compact. Like so many others, Ravenseye faced tough choices during the SIlence War. Following their old ally, Clan Blackwood, Ravenseye bent knee to the Compact as their vassal. The addition of the seafaring people to the Northlands brought naval expertise and opportunity to Redrain. Soon after, Bran abdicated his rule to his eldest, believing that it was time for the new generation to lead his people down this new path. Aella had attained her birthright. It hasn't been the smoothest transition. Social missteps, accidental heresy, culture clash, and anti-Prodigal sentiment have dogged her steps over the years. Yet, through it all she has worked hard to show that her people are a benefit to the Compact, growing Stormheart and lending aid during the Gyre War and multiple engagements with Isles Traditionalists and Skal'dajans. She may be a reluctant countess, but Aella Ravenseye stands ready to weather any storm that comes.
nds ready to weather any storm that comes.  +
Character Status Active  +
Cousins Danvir Ravenseye + , Jayden Ravenseye + , Cassian Crovane + , Indio Ravenseye +
Description Lissome, and of proud bearing, Aella strik
Lissome, and of proud bearing, Aella strikes a confident and capable figure. A true woman of the Northlands, she stands taller than many in a crowd. Her slender curves and lean muscle leave the impression that she could leap into action at any moment - whether on the deck of her ship or the dancefloor of a ballroom. At times, she is unmistakably Prodigal with thick, untamed waves of burnished copper hair cascading to mid-back - a few slim braids and raven feathers scattered throughout. At others, her expressive features are framed by carefully woven hairstyles that highlight the sparkle or storm of her gray-blue eyes and the fullness of her quick-to-smile lips. There is little in the way of unique identifying marks - no tattoos or prominent scars, but the careful observer may notice a symbol on the palm of her right hand.
ce a symbol on the palm of her right hand.  +
Eye Color Stormy Blue Grey  +
Fealty Redrain +
Full Name Aella Ravenseye  +
Gender Female  +
Hair Color Burnished Copper  +
Height average height  +
House Ravenseye +
Parents Bran Ravenseye + , Sorcha Ravenseye +
Personality Aella embraces change but often struggles
Aella embraces change but often struggles to adapt to it. She is a passionate woman whose stubborn pride can be a hurdle to overcome; however, that pride is well-earned. The countess is a fierce advocate for her people and is easy to upset with blatant (or perceived) slights against them. The less generous may call her volatile, but she is loyal to the end once someone has won her trust, is driven to accomplish goals and help others do the same, and has quite the talent for questionable limericks. If there is an opportunity to shed formality and laugh into the night with a drink in hand, a friendly challenge to accept, or an adventure to be had, she'll be there. She is more comfortable at sea or in nature, finding the city too rigid, and in the midst of a storm is when she appears the most calm.
a storm is when she appears the most calm.  +
Religion Pantheon/Shamanism  +
Siblings Rosalind Ravenseye + , Triton Ravenseye + , Cadern Blackwood +
Skintone Sun-kissed  +
Social Rank 5  +
Uncle Aunts Robert Ravenseye + , Jason Ravenseye + , Walter Ravenseye +
Vocation Sailor  +
Categories Characters
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Cassian Crovane + , Danvir Ravenseye + , Eilonwy Blackwood + , Elora Ravenseye + , Indio Ravenseye + , Jayden Ravenseye + Cousins
Ravenseye + Head
Cadern Blackwood + , Cadern Ravenseye + , Rosalind Ravenseye + , Triton Ravenseye + Siblings
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