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Acacia Culler
Age 23  +
Background To be a member of the Culler family makes
To be a member of the Culler family makes things easier in the Lower Boroughs as you grow up, but there's an enormous difference from 'easier' to 'easy'. Acacia has been a fighter all her life, getting into scrapes and petty crimes all through her youth at the behest of the family and watching in dismay as fortunes finally turned against her parents. After the deaths of her father and mother, she left the city of Arx to put as much distance between her and that crime ridden cesspool of the Lower Boroughs as she could. Becoming a sailor wasn't an easy life, and the shipping routes between Arx and the Lyceum were extremely dangerous, but compared to trying to survive in the Lower Boroughs it was downright relaxing. After time at sea learning to be a competent sailor, she's returned to Arx and reconnected with her family, and the Culler family has profited immensely from it. Since her return, Acacia has been cultivating the reputation as being the woman to talk to for the odd, hard to find (and sometimes prohibited) goods, seeming to always know exactly how to get those most elusive items. Life in the Lower Boroughs hasn't gotten any safer for her since she returned, but she's a spirited young woman that is determined not only to survive, but to thrive.
rmined not only to survive, but to thrive.  +
Character Status Active  +
Cousins Gibson Culler + , Ravna Culler + , Mae Culler + , Raja Culler + , Evelin Culler + , Itzal Culler + , Vernan Culler +
Description Boisterous and beautiful, Acacia carries a
Boisterous and beautiful, Acacia carries a sense of adventure with her, with only a grin and a laugh. Hair like a seaside sunset falls in thick curls about her, practically pulled back when necessary, but flowing freely whenever possible. Large brown eyes take in the world around her and sparkle with saucy mirth, reflecting the myriad of emotions. It's hard to decide whether her smiles or scowls are more ferocious, but each has their definite appeal. Athletic, with a lovely face and generous curves, but her primary allure comes from the way she swaggers, sultry and confident. She can command a room, with her big voice and presence and few find themselves disappointed when she turns their attention on them.
ed when she turns their attention on them.  +
Eye Color Brown  +
Fealty Crown +
Full Name Acacia Culler  +
Gender Female  +
Hair Color Bright Red  +
Height average height  +
House Culler +
Parents Rencio Culler + , Avynda Culler +
Personality Acacia embodies all that the sea can bring
Acacia embodies all that the sea can bring. The majesty of the vast waters, the treacherous weather, the unsurpassed beauty. She loves the poetry of how well she fits with that, and uses that to her advantage, whether it is fighting off pirates, negotiating business, or drawing people in to hear her tales of adventure. She loves the freedom her chosen life offers her, and loves that even nobles seek her out to procure something or other. She's quick with a knife and quicker with her tongue and has no shame in tearing someone down that deserves it. Prone to act before completely contemplating the consequences, Acacia has a remarkable ability to turn any situation around to suit her.
to turn any situation around to suit her.  +
Religion Pantheon  +
Siblings Calandra Culler + , Tython Culler +
Skintone Tanned  +
Social Rank 9  +
Uncle Aunts Torian Culler + , Talirra Culler + , Ajus Culler + , Orathy Culler + , River Culler + , Morveer Culler +
Vocation Criminal  +
Categories Characters
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Evelin Culler + , Gibson Culler + , Itzal Culler + , Mae Culler + , Raja Culler + , Ravna Culler + , Vernan Culler + Cousins
Calandra Culler + , Tython Culler + Siblings
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