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Abellus Ironfoot
Age 25  +
Background Being born into the Ironfoot clan meant be
Being born into the Ironfoot clan meant being as hard as the metal from their namesake. His ancestors got their name because they were of Iron, unbent by war or bloodshed. They were a proud family with a strong heritage. Abellus has tried his whole life to live up to his name. Being the first son of Tuscak, an Abandoned shav traditionalist who was fed on the fires of hate for the Compact, he bore the same hatred for those that would try to break the Abandoned Tribes and force them on their knees. His mother was a wise woman who had her man's back. She never let him cry as a child, and made sure he would be as strong as his father. Yes, the early years of training and fists were hard but they forged him to be stronger, better than the weak Oathlanders that hide behind their armor and castle walls. When his father taught him in all manner of weapons, from the bow to the great sword. He favored the great axe in his mighty hands. Brand was a plaque upon the Abandoned Tribes of the Oathlands. He took the fuel of hate that lived in the Ironfoot's hearts and fanned it out of control. Abellus was there along side his father and brother, possessed by the dark magic to deal death to the citizens of Arx. He felled many that day. But the Gods that protect the Compact managed to break Brand and release the Abandoned tribes that were under his sway. Leaving the once proud tribe broken, leaderless. His father was angry the day the Oathlanders came to the encampment to gloat over their handiwork. He urged Abellus and his brother to enter the crowds, warning others not to listen to the false promises that bending knee would bring. He watched as his cousin was brought on stage, a boy too young to be cheiftain. Then he was betrayed by another Abandoned, arrested and brought to prison before he could blink. An Oathlander with the help of Rivenshari arrested his brother and himself. He was sent to prison with the outrageous crime of trying to murder his own cousin. He was caged with his brother for months, even after his father died in a trial by combat. It was during his captivity that he learned the proganda, the story of how his father tried to get his cousin to light himself and his sisters on fire to protest the Compact. How his father tried to start war again before his people had even recovered. While he did not wish to see his cousin die, he does not hate his father for his desperate actions. When they were brought to trial, to speak to the tribunal, Kanean denounced what his father had done and gladly bent on knee to Count Athaur Rivenshari. He took an oath that would bind him to the Compact that they once fought. Abellus was forced to make a decision. He could refuse and die. Or he could swallow his pride and go on bended knee. Even though he knew his father was rolling in his grave, he knealt and took an oath so that he could continue to watch out for his brother. He will keep his oaths because he is a man of honor.
ep his oaths because he is a man of honor.  +
Character Status Active  +
Description Built like a great bear, Abellus Ironfoot
Built like a great bear, Abellus Ironfoot towers over others with an aura of strength and ferocity. His grey eyes carry an intense look that is easily mistaken for anger. His dark hair is kept short, cropped close to his skull. Clothing and armor usually seem hard-pressed to contain his bulky, muscular form. His battle scars show easily on his fair skin, and he carries them with pride.
fair skin, and he carries them with pride.  +
Eye Color Grey  +
Fealty Valardin +
Full Name Abellus Ironfoot  +
Gender Male  +
Hair Color Sable  +
Height tall  +
House Ironfoot +
Parents Tuscak Ironfoot +
Personality Abellus Ironfoot grieves for his father, T
Abellus Ironfoot grieves for his father, Tuscak Ironfoot, who has been vilified by the Oathlanders to justify his trial and subsequent death. He has bended on knee not because he wanted to join the Compact but becuse he chose life over death. He is his brother's protector and will make sure that whatever hell comes their way, he will protect what's left of his family, even if it means serving the one that arrested him.
t means serving the one that arrested him.  +
Religion Shamanism/Pantheon  +
Siblings Kanean Ironfoot +
Skintone Pale  +
Social Rank 8  +
Vocation Soldier  +
Categories Characters
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