Shae Fortier

Shae Fortier
Social Rank 6
Fealty Valardin
House Fortier
Gender Female
Age 22
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Tracker
Height average height
Hair Color Sun-kissed Blonde
Eye Color Amber
Skintone Golden
Parents Norwood Clement, Margerie Clement
Siblings Adalyn Clement
Uncles/Aunts Nadine Keaton, Glain Keaton, Rhea Acheron, Ambrose Keaton, Baelor Keaton, Casimir Acheron
Cousins Edmund Laurent, Marcus Laurent, Timothy Laurent, Barnabe Laurent, Sondra Laurent, Kael Keaton, Veronica Keaton, Ilene Laurent, Rohran Keaton, Jaerith Keaton, Matilda Laurent, Tina Laurent, Renley Laurent, Andre Laurent, Kyler Keaton, Xavier Keaton, Lucie Laurent
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Thick and curvy, this young woman might be confused for a nymph of the woods; earthy and womanly. Sun kissed hair is usually pulled back into a knot or ponytail of some kind, the look more practical than fashionable, dark tresses streaked here and there with gold. Dark lashes frame eyes the color of warm steel, a keen intellect reflected in her gaze. Her face is built on delicate lines and curves, giving her a soft beauty that belies her strength. She may be thick and shapely, but there are toned athletic muscles underneath the soft golden tan of her skin. Her movements display a quiet confidence, despite the slight limp that plagues her walk.


Strength through adversity, Shae was once known for her indomitable cheerfulness and an ability to be professional as needed. Paired with an insightful, quirky sense of humor, Shae was a popular child who grew into a well liked young woman. She became a Tracker well before her majority, possessing a keen eye and facility training the hunting hounds used in the work, Shae committed to their ranks and quickly became one to watch. This might have gone to her head, but her innate sense of right and wrong kept her from abusing any nascent power she might have wielded.

These days, Shae is more reserved. Whether it's from her extended absence or the events that occurred before it, she is not as quick to laugh and smile as she once was. She is still quirky, her constant cheerfulness maturing into a calm neutrality, she takes much of the world far more literally than she used to. It's not to say she's a different person, but she has changed a great deal in the last few years. While her outward brightness has mellowed, her kindness and compassion have only grown, her loyalty intense and hard to come by but twice as hard to shake.


The only child born to Harlow and Margerie Keaton, there was an expectation that she would be heir. So it was a surprise to all, including Shae, when her mother encouraged her to explore her own desires, find the things she loved to do and keep her focus there. Shae had always loved spending time in the kennels, working with the hounds, watching the Trackers turn them into effective pack and solo hunters, able to recognize and implement hundreds of commands. Seeing the girl had a light touch, Tamsley, the Master of the Hounds decided to put her to work and over the years impart much of his mastery to her. Shae had a gift with the animals and as she grew, it became a natural thing for her to be seen leading a pack of puppies or a pair of older, experienced hunters into the woods.

When she was fifteen she was placed in her first Tracker pack and despite her youth proved to be one of the stronger huntsmen. She was especially close to the Alpha, a handsome and dashing man by the name Ramsey, their friendship quite obvious to anyone with eyes. As the years passed, people whispered about the wild heir, wondering when she would get experience with the more traditional duties and responsibilities of ruling Oakhaven. The questions proved moot, however, with the discovery of the true Keaton heir. So it was, with her life in front of her, her path to being Master Tracker clear, Shae took a severe injury to her leg in a bandit ambush. The healers did their best and while the wound did heal, Shae has not regained her full mobility or dexterity. Unwilling to be a liability in the field, she has left her pack and accepted an offer from her cousin to come to Arx. She's one of the best trainers the Keatons have and she is determined to be an asset to her family, one way or another.