Raemond Dredcall

Raemond Dredcall
Social Rank 5
Fealty Thrax
House Dredcall
Gender Male
Age 24
Vocation Soldier
Height tall
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Skintone Tan
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With a jawline that cuts and a narrow face with details just as sharp, it's not an over-exaggeration to describe this man as 'striking'. Even without the missing eye, what was handsome before has been honed to a razor's edge by a hard life. An expressive face, his slim lips convey much of his emotion, be it in a frown or a smirk, and while the strap of the eye-patch is a notable feature, the intensity of his stormy gray eye arrests the attention of most.

Tall, with long limbs and lean musculature, he moves with the easy grace of a well-practiced soldier, no awkwardness in his broad-shouldered frame; comfortable in himself in a way that radiates.


Raemond gives all the impression of barely contained emotion, a storm trapped in human form, contained because he wills it. Passionate, it's hard to say if he's quick to anger or faster to redirect his emotions, but he understands his limitations and doesn't press them. He prefers to observe before acting, and when he does the action is weighted, measured, and while the consequences may never be predicted, he has an uncanny way of using them to his benefit. Raemond is also terribly charming, though that charisma can be used to inspire as much as seduce or beguile; he's not above letting others take the credit for his well planted, whispered seeds of advice.


Spending much of his youth as the runt of the family, Raemond was bullied as a child well into his adolescence. Despite the opposition, he trained with his cousins and pushed as hard and harder than they, striving to rise above them in any way he could. As he grew and time blessed him with a frame to match his ambitions, Raemond wasn't above crushing those that sought to hold him down, and he grew with an especial dislike of oppression.

An excellent swordsman and an experienced sailor, Raemond has used his tactical mind for his people on more than one occassion, and was never above brutal tactics to see the job done. There is nothing too under-handed that couldn't be used as an advantage, and in his career as a soldier he's proved how true this is again and again.