Noelle Pravus

Noelle Pravus
Social Rank 6
Fealty Pravus
House Pravus
Gender Female
Age 21
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height average height
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skintone Fair
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Much of Noelle is a mix of her Oathlander and Lycene heritage. At 5'6" she didn't inherit the great height of her warrior father, nor the entirely diminutive stature of her Pravus mother. Her black hair is lustrous and silken as many in the South might have, but lacks a certain natural curl or bounce. Rather than being the rich honey-brown or dark chocolate that so many smoldering looks come from, Noelle's eyes are deep forest green. Her supple build comes with womanly curves but never reaching the grand heights of buxom. In many ways, it makes Noelle an Almost. She could readily be called cute, attractive, maybe even beautiful with her button nose, soft pink bow lips, and a fair complexion; but breathtaking would require some work.


Noelle is someone who finds magic and delight in small situations of life. She can get wrapped up in a fantastical story with no trouble, and find herself lost with great passion as she cheers on her favorite knight at a joust...maybe a bit too unladylike. She's also one of those people who needs an outgoing friend, someone who helps her push boundaries. She's an awkward wallflower, just now starting to bloom, and could use a guide for all the social lessons her mother tried to teach her that she never paid attention to.


House Valardin is known for being exemplars of honor, paragons of virtue, and standard-bearers of all that's chivalric. House Pravus was, and is not, given the same description. Instead, they are known for their passions, their boundary-pushing. It would be difficult to pick two more opposite Houses in the Compact. One would expect that where these two meet there would be explosions.

But that was not the case with the first several meetings of Gerard Valardin and Taziana Pravus. Their first encounter was a joust in Arx where he rode by and so chivalrously asked for a Favor to wear and she obliged. Aas Taziana found quite a bit of passion to be enjoyed in things such as jousts and melees she followed the circuit for the year. And each time he jousted, Gerard would come to ask her favor. By the end of the year, they were wed with Prince Gerard Valardin becoming Lord Gerard Pravus. Less than a year after that: Noelle, named for her Valardin grandmother.

Noelle was a pain for her tutors. Smart, but unwilling to apply herself. She was a pain for her tailors, uncaring about fashion. She would spend winters in Sanctum, enjoying things like ice skating but being horrible at things like riding horses or using weapons. Most of the year she would just people-watch in Setarco. And there were people to watch!

Finally something changed in the girl. Oh, she still preferred to watch people, but after one particular carnival, she became obsessed with street magic, the kind used by performers to the delight of audiences. Her parents were both dismayed, but at the same time glad she took an interest in something. So they gave her six months. If she could master a certain number of tricks in six months, they'd let her continue; and if she couldn't, then she was going to learn to be a knight.

It took her five. Five months and she had mastered the basics of sleight of hand, enough to avoid having to learn to fight. It'd take her years longer to be a true master but in these tricks, Noelle found something she had been lacking: Confidence. She took the lessons of misdirection to heart and made them part of herself. She learned to use them to get around, not over, the awkwardness of new friends.

And she found a thrill in pickpocketing.

Uusually that was just a way to make an introduction. Pick a pocket, then, "Oh, sir, you must have dropped this," and start a conversation. But that's not to say she doesn't have a collection of secret treasures of things that never made their way back home. The only time this has really been a problem was when she picked the pocket of a passing priest, pulling a coin. She turned to try to give it back to the older gentleman and he was gone. She couldn't find him! That's her bad luck coin. Ever since then she's just had huge runs of bad luck and knows they won't end until she can give the coin back.

And now that Noelle's back in Arx, she thought her luck was going to change. She saw the old priest at the Queensrest.... the night he was killed and called a false dominus. Well, now what?