Mortimer Mairelli

Mortimer Mairelli
Social Rank 9
Fealty Velenosa
"Velenosa" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Mairelli
Gender Male
Age 65
Religion Pantheon (Tehom)
Vocation Merchant
Height average height
Hair Color Salt And Pepper
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Pale
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Mortimer is very thankful that he has aged like a fine wine and less like a cheese. He attributes that to his Lycene heritage and living a full, balanced life. With a strong clean-shaven jaw, high forehead, and intense dark eyes it's not impossible to envision him as the handsome youth he once was. Now, however he's settled into a dignified older age with impeccable posture and quick, decisive movements that betray the fact that he hasn't lost an ounce of vitality.


Possessing a kind of dignity and poise gained through many, many years of experience, he nevertheless prefers a quiet life of diligence and reflection. Never the center of attention, he prefers the fringes of gatherings, ever observing those around him with an astute and sagacious perception. When he does speak, his voice is a smooth baritone and his words, carefully considered and chosen, are delivered with devastating timing and effect.


The Mairelli family of Brassfall is known for their economically inclined minds and expertise in their respective fields. Mortimer is indeed cut from the same cloth, as from a young age, he showed plenty of aptitude in the family business. He worked with his family until his late twenties, when he met and married his wife and eventually struck out on his own to have the freedom of traveling and seeing the world while experiencing life and making business connections through all corners of Arvum.

While he was never blessed with children, he was blessed with an abundance of success in business. For many years this continued until his wife of over thirty years passed away and he began to seek out family to live out his twilight years with. Eventually, after exhaustive searching, he found his niece in Arx. Maybe this is his chance to reconnect and find his second wind.