Merida Thrax

Merida Thrax
Social Rank 3
Fealty Thrax
House Thrax
Gender Female
Age 22
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height 5'6
Hair Color Crimson
Eye Color Golden Amber
Skintone Lightly Tanned
Parents Abram Grimhall
Siblings Jovarn Grimhall
Uncles/Aunts Harald Grimhall
Cousins Victus Thrax, Elton Thrax, Lynette Thrax, Genevieve Thrax, Marjory Thrax, Dominic Thrax, Draco Thrax, Valdemar Grimhall, Casivan Thrax, Alyona Thrax, Tyrus Thrax, Darya Thrax, Melinda Grimhall, Sivard Grimhall
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Crimson red bombards ones gaze as your eyes fall on this woman, like blood on the water. And the association is most befitting of this Grimhall woman. Her thick mane of red tumbles right down to below her shoulder blades in subtle waves and curls, wry bangs framing a face of elegant beauty. Striking golden amber eyes peer out at the world from beneath dark lashes, but within their luxurious depths lies a smouldering passion, filled with an indignant rage and wild hunger that either transfixes the beholder or forces them to look away. But her face betrays her feral spirit, with soft features and full lips often pulled into a cool, lopsided smile, sultry and wry. She's not tall by any means, but her sensually hourglass figure is athletically toned and blessed with ample feminine features. Her skin is mostly pale, only lightly kissed by the suns rays despite her time on the water, and remains unblemished. She doesn't so much walk as strut, with a sway of her hips and a bounce in her step, high heels clicking away. She carries herself with pride, and her cool but wild demeanour can only scream one thing. Pirate. Well, perhaps two. Crazy pirate.


Crazy would be too general a term for this shark in women's clothing. But yes, perhaps she is a tad crazy. While sensual and mischievous, brimming with wry humour, she harbours a violent and animalistic rage that most would find terrifying. Will most women of noble blood would fall back at the sight of a skirmish, Merida would likely be the one to start it, and certainly the one to end it. She doesn't mind getting some blood on her clothes either. It compliments her hair after all. But her blood thirsty rage is not without purpose. Her pride and massive heart stokes the fire, and the indigence of her lesser standing as a woman in Thrax's male dominated society throws gasoline all over it and runs away laughing maniacally. No, she is not some tool to be married off to strengthen her family, and no, she won't be pleasant. Perhaps if she's crazy enough, and threatens to take a chunk out of enough people, she can be seen as equal. That's the plan, anyway. But regardless, her strength of will matches the power of her rage, and her love for those closest to her could block out the sun. One would dare not take that from her. And she knows her sensuality is as much a weapon as her scimitars are.


Raised in the notorious house of Grimhall, she does much to bolster its bloody reputation. While some thuggish types hide their noble birth, she does little to hide it. Well, not that she does much to hide anything. As a Grimhall's daughter, she was looked upon with the same disappointment and handled with the same hand that most women of the Mourning isles are, the hand that intends to mould them into the classic visage of a woman seen, but not heard. That is, until she bit it. Took a chunk right out of it. When all attempts to reign her in were met this way, her parents simply gave up trying to control their bloodstained blacksheep. Who could blame them, everyone was just a little bit afraid of her. And with that, she took off to live amongst a crew of pirate bandits. She trained with men, fought amongst them, and drank with the best of them, living off the spoils. And they never looked down upon her, at least not there. She was too scary for that, and it made her an excellent pirate. Now, she's returned to the Mourning Isles and the house of Grimhall, ready to see if their views of women has changed enough for her.