Social Rank 9
Fealty Crownsworn
"Crownsworn" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
Gender Male
Age 29
Vocation Messenger
Height tall
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Dark
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Tall, his skin is brown, his hair black, a well-cared for beard frames the bottom half of his face, matched by expressive eyebrows and brown eyes. His figure is lanky and lean, often taking up more space than he should with varying levels of grace, or sometimes none at all. Quick both to laugh and to smile, little lines crinkle at the corner of his eyes when he does either, deepened by time and a lifetime of living outdoors.


Cheerful, annoyingly so, genuinely inquisitive and often interested in the lives and tales of others. His outlook on life is terribly pragmatic but he's neither apathetic nor dismissive; he is happy to help but only if it makes sense and his chance of success is relatively high, and even then, if the money is good he might even make an exception. Need a bottle of wine? Sure, he can do that. A rare book? Possibly. Armor? Well, that depends on what kind. Your furniture moved? Probably not.

Not often found morose or unhappy in general, his attitude is playful and often to a fault. It's not that he -can't- be serious, he just doesn't think he -needs- to be even in the most dire of circumstance. Not that he's above screaming in terror in running away, laughing is just that much more fun.


He's always had a knack for telling stories and tales, with his expressive nature and ability to exaggerate. Raised mostly by his grandmother, the duty of family has always been of the utmost importance.