Lustry Thrax

Lustry Thrax
Social Rank 3
Fealty Thrax
House Thrax
Gender Female
Age 21
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Socialite
Height average height
Hair Color Nearly Pearlescent Blond
Eye Color Heterochromia
Skintone Freckled Light Olive
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Ringlets of nearly pearlescent blond cascade down to the small of her back, sometimes with a coronet of flowers worn atop, with a few of the tendrils a bit shorter and stopping just a bit below her chin. Her eyes are striking as they are naturally two different colors, one is light blue and the other is light brown with long curly eyelashes that seem to add to the expressive nature of her features. Freckles dot over her slender nose and dance along the tops of her cheeks with a pair of plush lips that curl into a smile with straight, white teeth. Her form can be called willowy with soft feminent curves and graceful limbs.


Bright, bubbly and energetic are words often used to describe this young, vibrant woman. Often feigning dramatics to put on a good show and incite laughter in others, especially when chasing her more lush tendencies. Though sometimes when alone she lets her mask fall away and show off her true, genuine self.


The family line of Thrax that Lustry and her siblings come from is a distant one, but cousins to Tyrus's line. However, that never stopped her from always trying to make her cousins, close and distant alike, laugh. She always lived for bringing joy or at least trying to into most instances. As she grew older, she was being groomed to become a socialite and entertainer. She embraced these lessons and excelled well in them. Often putting on small one woman plays for family and friends of the family when they would visit. Now that most of lessons them have finished, she has decided to come and join her family within Arx, in hopes of drawing out smiles and laughter from all!