Ludwig Grayson

Ludwig Grayson
Social Rank 3
Fealty Grayson
House Grayson
Gender Male
Age 24
Religion Faith Of The Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height 6'0"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Skintone Fair And Pale
Parents Kellan Grayson
Siblings Calain Grayson, Minka Grayson, Enoch Grayson, Morwythia grayson, Tamsin Grayson
Uncles/Aunts Rodric Grayson, Alarrion Grayson, Alarys Grayson, Alaricia Grayson, Ahriman Grayson, Alari Grayson
Cousins Natalia Grayson, Gareth Grayson, Barric Grayson, Alarissa Thrax, Sabella Grayson, Lou Grayson, Reese Grayson, Laric Grayson, Lark Grayson, Ainsley Grayson, Ailys Grayson, Aiden Rubino-zaffria, Aibek Grayson, Aindre Grayson
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Not one to have taken to the athletic life as so many other young members of the nobility have, Ludwig instead bears something of a more refined nature to his build - his body is still well-maintained, even if he has never gone for the kind of overt musculature that can be seen among the knights of the realm. Soft eyes of green are set under a brow, blonde and fine, under a wide forehead that slopes up to a mass of wavy blonde hair on top - almost always kept well-groomed, if tousled. Stubble of three or four days is often on his face, letting the hair grow almost soft enough to not be a nuisance before it is shorn away. His body tapers down cleanly, and his gait is one of ease and confidence - those soft eyes quick to focus when it's time.


The problem with being the smartest person in the room is that usually you realize, very quickly, that you are the smartest person in the room. You're good at figuring things out, after all. Whether it was true or not, this has been Ludwig's perception of himself and the people around him ever since he was quite young, and has led him to have little patience for what he sees as the uninformed thoughts and half-baked ideas of so many around him. He is young, sharp of tongue and quick to visible irritation, and certainly not the most pleasant to get along with, especially for those who have disappointed him in any way. There is little change in his behavior between public and private, either - often cold, brusque and stern, he nevertheless will help people in his own way, usually by explaining to them in very clear terms how he thinks they are wrong and what they are missing from the picture.

He's a nice guy, really.


Life was always easy for Ludwig. Too easy, some might say. Born in Bastion as one of the passel of Grayson Princes and Princesses near the end of the reign of Alaric III - only having vague memories of the man - he found himself able to grow up blissfully aware of the strife that had been occuring elsewhere in the world. The war between Tor and Southport? Someone else's problem. Hunger, thirst, and discomfort? Those were for other people. In his first few years he was noted for his activity and enthusiasm in everything he did, but then one day he sat down with a Scholar of Vellichor, and began to learn to read. Things never were really the same after that. From that point on, everything else ceased to matter, for there was more knowledge to discover, more words to consume. Stories about dogs with silly monosyllabic names quickly became tales of adventure, and from there, histories, arts, mathematics and the sciences. It was almost obsessive, his level of focus, and there was some worry that he was taking in too much for a young mind.

Still, these worries began to cease when he started winning arguments and debates. Often found awake late at night in the evenings with a friend, he did not get into the kind of trouble so many of the Peerage tend to fall to when they have too much money and too much free time - instead, he could be found harrying his siblings, his cousins, his elders, or if worst came to worst, the cooks - all trying to get to the truth of things. To learn and learn more, and challenge their opinions. It quickly grew tiresome for many of those around him - but their opinions never seemed to bother Ludwig. Why should they, when he started offering advice for things and - the few times people ever bothered to actually listen to him - they succeeded brilliantly? Trying to push himself more and more into things, he suddenly found himself faced with a choice - go to Arx, or go live with the Scholars for a while.

He chose the second, and it was here that he finally flourished. The first few months were a stumbling block for him as he finally encountered people who were just as capable intellectually as he was. But this only drove him on further - he worked to learn more, to catch up, and as he began to compare what he read on the page to the world around him, he realized - something wasn't right.

At the end of his tenure, he decided to take advantage of the first choice given to him, and he went to Arx to work with his family on his projects there.