Lasha Khozheer

Lasha Khozheer
Social Rank 9
Fealty Pravus
House Khozheer
Gender Male
Age 53
Religion Mirrormask
Vocation Criminal
Height average height
Hair Color Raven-black
Eye Color Moss-green
Skintone Ebon
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This dark-skinned mountain of a man stands over six and a half feet tall, sculpted of large slabs of muscle that give him a laborer's physique and a broad shouldered stance. Yet, his flesh is riddled with plenty of scars, from shallow knicks over the palms that have faded with time, to thick ropy affairs over his chest, shoulders, and back. Mixed among the past evidence of combat are various shav tattoos standing out with dark ink, including intricate depictions of sea life wrapping around his arms and legs, and others that indicate his clan and the standing within it. His face is a grizzly affair with a full, yet short kept beard while his head is left shaven down to a bald scalp. His left eye is missing, the vacant socket sewn neatly shut, while his right eye is a mossy green, clear and full of a keen awareness. His shoulders are broad, and his chest and abdomen are firm and chiseled, though his broad body makes him seem hulking despite his height. Still, long legs move with a fluidity and quickness born from a trained discipline that is seen through his proud stance.


Lasha, while shrewd in his dealings is well known for his harsh temper, strictness in corporate punishment, and near stubborn cling to such virtues as loyalty, commitment, and dominance in dealings. He's loud, considered a braggard by some, and his judgment of people tends to be swift, setting a low bar until proven otherwise. As he is in his older age he doesn't tend to suffer the foolishness of youth, even if his own behavior may be foolish at times. He never chooses to spare the rod, else he may spoil the child, or in his case those beneath him, which either fosters respect with those who work for him, or makes quiet enemies of others. Being a mirrormask, he is rather relaxed in what is considered sinful, recognizing it and yet not faulting others for their choices, being very much practical and representing the more libertine approach that Lycenes and others in the area have. However, he is quick to condemn those who shame themselves in public by their actions choosing to subscribe to the idea that if you get caught you deserve what's coming to you.


Born in the southern states, Lasha was a member of the prodigal tribes, drawn in and brought under the fealty of House Pravus in their expansion and establishment of a great house. Formerly considered an abandoned, he swore fealty to the house instead of being subjugated by force. Still, his clan was known for trade, and lesser known activities such as smuggling rare goods across the ocean. Through the years he worked on growing his fleet, before heading in to land seeking employment where he could walk the edges of lawful society, though those criminal elements continued to be exploited, even after he made himself captain of first one ship, then two. By the time his fleet had grown to a reputable size, he took heavy losses, during a large storm, three of his vessels sank with the remainder being rendered near unusable. Now he works on rebuilding and establishing himself as a shipping magnate through Arx, running his company with a ruthless efficiency and with dominance that proceeds him. His reputation known simply for his hot temper, raucous behavior and tenacity that few captains are known for.