Lark Grayson

Lark Grayson
Social Rank 3
Fealty Grayson
House Grayson
Gender Female
Age 36
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height short
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Skintone Fair
Parents Alarrion Grayson, Delia Grayfort
Siblings Barric Grayson, Alarissa Thrax
Uncles/Aunts Rodric Grayson, Kellan Grayson, Alarys Grayson, Alaricia Grayson, Ahriman Grayson, Alari Grayson
Cousins Natalia Elwood, Gareth Grayson, Sabella Grayson, Calain Grayson, Lou Grayson, Reese Grayson, Laric Grayson, Ainsley Grayson, Ailys Grayson, Aiden Rubino-zaffria, Minka Grayson, Aibek Grayson, Enoch Grayson, Morwythia grayson, Ludwig Grayson, Aindre Grayson, Tamsin Grayson
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It might be said that Lark walks with her nose held high in the air but it's worth noting that somebody so short must be in frequent need of looking up! Her hair is the color of hay and is most often kept short or if allowed to grow, braided up and out of the way. Her eyes are large, ominously dark, and indicative of a great many thoughts and feelings that go unspoken. Her countenance, a trait for which she is best remembered, is a near-constant display of steely reservation. Her sense of fashion is humble and generally unremarkable but always appropriate for her station.


The true depth of Lark's severe practicality is often downplayed by her physical appearance but make no mistake, she has a formidable sense of righteousness and honor. Reserved and observant, she has never been overly social even after her appointment to High Lord, only putting herself into the crowd when necessary. Her heart is charitable, given towards encouraging especially her family in finding their own bit of happiness, but it is tempered by a realistic outlook on the world that they live in. While most would equate charitable with kind, there is very little that is kind in the woman: she is willing to take anyone to task when they step out of line, driven by a nature that is as protective and fierce as a griffon over a nest of hatchlings.


Princess Lark Grayson is perhaps best known for her philanthropic endeavors and at times, her austere idealism concerning the less fortunate. Noble not only by birth but by personal virtue, Lark first became preoccupied with using her station for the betterment of her fellow man from a very young age. Although she may not have ever been adventurous in any conventional meaning of the word, she proved herself to be bold in her own manner. As she grew into a young woman, she often utilized her naturally analytical mind and innate comprehension skills to hatch any number of charitable schemes whether they be in response to acts of man or nature. Among the Graysons, it isn't uncommon to spot her toting around or bending over backwards to accommodate some new cause. It also shouldn't come as any surprise when Lark turns up her nose at any form of frivolity or subterfuge. She'd sooner be involved in managing contributions to a failing orphanage or shelter.