Jenessa Lyonesse

Jenessa Lyonesse
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Lyonesse
Gender Female
Age 25
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Scout
Height average height
Hair Color Dark Walnut
Eye Color Powder Blue
Skintone Rosy Fair
Parents Demurius Lyonesse, Lauren Willowrest
Siblings Rymarr Deepwood, Demura Lyonesse, Anabelle Lyonesse, Dormire Lyonesse, Marcorr Lyonesse
Uncles/Aunts Cristofer Lyonesse, Treveus Lyonesse
Cousins Abigail Lyonesse, Razija Lyonesse
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Akin to a floral bud coming into to flowering maturity, Jenessa is just beginning to blossom as a young woman who's entering adulthood. The comely Lyonesse stands a couple inches below average height with a thin, petite build that possesses an enviable hourglass silhouette. She has a lithe, nubile figure that carries a proportionate amount of curves in the appropriate places, enough to lend an air of undeniable femininity and mark her as a woman. Spilling down to the small of her back is a thick mane of dark walnut brown tresses, the lengthy strands voluminous, though holds no kink or curl, being perfectly straight.

They frame an oval face that's mildly cherubic and symmetrical, harboring fleeting traces of youthful roundness and lofty cheekbones. Narrow, tenebrous brows arch over a pair of densely lashed almond-shaped eyes, ones of a light powder blue with dark limbal rings. A straight, celestial nose rests at the center of her visage, positioned above a pair of full, bowed lips, and every so often they give way to a warm, gentle smile. Porcelain-like is the young woman's complexion, smooth and free from mark or blemish with delicate rosy undertones that grant a natural blush upon her fair cheeks. She carries herself with an effortless grace, in such a way it gives an ethereal quality to her poised and noble bearing.


A gentle soul, kind, quiet and serene, it marks Jenessa as a stark contrast to other members of her family, given the typical dourness oft possessed by the majority. Despite the hardships encountered, she's less hardened, but takes life seriously, knowing at any time it could be over. It's given her the mindset of living each day as if it were her last, appreciating the good things when they come - while still expecting the worst - and enjoying life to the fullest with no regrets. She's scholarly and bookish, more at home in libraries and educational institutions than on the battlefield, but when duty calls? It's when the traditional Lyonesse peeks through. Neither warrior nor socialite, she's not particularly socially adept; rather, she's terribly awkward and - at times - painfully shy when it comes to people. She carries a passion for travel and exploration, of learning and acquiring knowledge, and with it comes her desire to experience all the world has to offer - until bad luck rears its ugly head.


To carry the name of Lyonesse, it means one is well-acquainted with calamity and hardship, of expecting tragedy and the worst in all manner of things, and it's no different for the youngest sibling of the family. Jenessa was born in the summer of 990 A.R., a handful of months prior to the harshest winter of her existence. She was just a babe when the crisis struck, a supply train robbed and looted by shavs, leaving the family - among others - roughing it that season. They are a rather industrious lot, making do to make ends meet, but there was a constant threat of starvation, of death from exposure - more so for a babe of a few months, and it nearly took her life. It was a struggle for survival, and many thought the young Lyonesse wouldn't make it, but to the surprise of many, she did.

Life is never easy, it has its trials and tribulations, but it's all the more true for the Jinxed. Though she survived infancy, growing into childhood, it wasn't without hardship. During her younger years, tragedy befell the family with the loss of the third son, Dormire, who had been found dead in a calm lake, a victim of drowning. The grief from losing her brother had still been present a small few years later when the eldest, Marcorr, lost his life in a freak accident while seeing to the feeding of his horse. Both had been returned to the Wheel far too soon, young and full of promise, but it was a reminder that life can end at any time - that it's best to enjoy it to the fullest whenever possible. To live as if it was your last day. She learned this all too well at a rather young and tender age - but it hardened her, in part, as the life of a Lyonesse tends to do.

Unlike the majority of her siblings, Jenessa didn't undergo knighting, finding her interests leaning more towards scholarly and intellectual pursuits. Nevertheless she still attended the academy where she took her studies seriously, nose in the books, though still trained - to a degree - under Sir Jak Whitemane. It was inescapable, being in a martial family, and where Marcorr, Rymarr, Demura, and Dormire were knightly, Anabelle the socialite, the youngest Lyonesse took it upon herself to become the hunter and scout of the House - or one of them, anyway. Despite her preferences, the need to know how to defend herself and the March was a non-negotiable necessity, yet she took to it easily enough, enjoying the solitude that being a reconnoiterer gave. It was from there she found a love of exploration and investigation.

In recent years, war has come and gone, battles fought against various forces - but she was too young to join; her studies were incomplete. Despite the fact she was homebound, it didn't deter her from helping where she could: keeping the March scouted, on the lookout for hostile Abandoned, going with hunting parties to ensure food was kept on the tables of many, helping to guard supply caravans - lest a repeat of that winter occur again. Now that the war with the pirate fleet is at an end, bringing with it some semblance of peace, Jenessa has come of age. She's set out on her own adventure, heading to Arx where she'll continue her studies while joining her family with the hopes of assisting where possible - and explore a little, too!