Jamie Greenmarch

Jamie Greenmarch
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Greenmarch
Gender Male
Age 28
Religion Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height tall
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Moss Green
Skintone Medium
Parents Malcolm Greenmarch, Alda Greenmarch
Siblings Ianna Greenmarch, Cullen Greenmarch, Margret Greenmarch
Uncles/Aunts Muiryn Greenmarch, Maeve Greenmarch, Murdoch Greenmarch, Marcel Greenmarch
Cousins Marian Redrain, Marius Greenmarch, Monique Greenmarch, Rowan Greenmarch, Niamh Greenmarch, Fiachra Valardin, Eirlys Greenmarch, Neve Greenmarch
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Though the eldest Greenmarch son is a physical specimen to behold, his strapping physique is easily matched by mossy green eyes that always seem to carry this distant, yet piercing vibe to them. Where those emeralds look, they always seem almost disconnected, distant even, as if the wielder were seeing things others could not.

The complexion of Jamie's skin has a slight weathering look to it and a healthy tan, indicating the man has spent many years outdoors. His sandy brown hair is short with hardly any attention paid to its neatness.

Physically, the prodigal son is in the peak of shape, the product of years of discipline and training, muscles carved as if sculpted from the old oak pillars that hold up the family home. He stands roughly six feet tall, one hundred and ninety pounds with every inch and pound of that height packed with lean, symmetrical muscle.

Though his clothing often shifts with the weather, Jamie is most often seen in fur-lined leathers and hide over the more showy fashion that others of his social standing would wear.


Stalwart. If there were only one word that could be chosen to describe Jamie Greenmarch. Reliable, honorable, and unquestionably loyal. Beneath that seemingly unbendable demeanor is a restless spirit who prefers the freedom of the road over the walls of nobility. Even as a child, it was obvious that his energetic and impulsive nature was going to be a problem if it wasn't harnessed and guided appropriately. Now, through experience and training, much of that impulsiveness has been tempered by discipline. On the field of battle, the eldest Greenmarch son is an anchor in the midst of chaos, the eye of the proverbial storm. Calm and steady, though woe to those who threaten the ones he loves. Simmering just below his surface is potential energy that burns as hot as a volcano's depths, ready to erupt and show the world what he is capable of if pushed too far, though that threshold is incredibly high.


As the eldest son of Alda and Malcolm Greenmarch, Jamie enjoyed the first couple years of his life being the sole focus of their attention. He was an energetic and impulsive youth with a fearless streak that often got him into a bit of trouble. As time passed and more Greenmarch children entered the world, it was difficult for his parents to spend the amount of time necessary to keep him busy. Being the oldest, Jamie very quickly established a close bond with his grandmother, Maryn Greenmarch, who enabled his free spirited nature by passing on the family's old traditions and teachines in the ways of Shamanism. The concept of spirit and being in touch with the wilderness around him was the perfect answer to his personality. It shaped him in many ways into adulthood, including the advantage of understanding two different belief systems and opened his eyes to new ways to perceive the world around him. As he grew into a young adult, he was ultimately knighted and earned a place with the Knights of Solace, though he was quite the unorthodox member. His knowledge of the land and tactics saw to it that many of his responsibilities and missions revolved around scouting, establishing forward operations, and protecting healers and the populace on the fringes of friendly territory. Though he is a Knight, more often then not the people he has directly fought alongside and for have referred to him as the Ranger for the way in which he fights, his understanding of topography and how to best use that to the advantage of his allies, as well as his tendency to remain segregated from those around him, including his brothers-and-sisters-at-arms. A couple years ago, he was sent out on an escort mission to ensure the safety and well-being of healers who were traveling to the outskirts to provide medical care and attention to the underserved populations. In time, his mission statement evolved as he began to face off against not just simple bandits and raiders, but pirates and darker things. Protecting the common folk at these areas and the healers he was initially sent out to escort has earned him somewhat of folk hero status amongst the fringe populations. They call him the Spear of the Greenwood for his first to fight attitude, always at the tip of the proverbial spear defending those that cannot defend themselves. His combat style, his experience, and the man that he is has been rooted deeply in Shamanism and it is not something he will readily give up. He walks a fine line between the Pantheon and Shamanism, though those who have fought beside him or been saved by him care little about his personal beliefs so much as his actions. Returning home after years of service, the prodigal son finds that the world he was once a part of has continued to spin despite his absence. With his return just over the horizon, Jamie signed on as an instructor with the Academy of War to not only pass on the knowledge and experience he has developed over years at the frontlines, but also to strengthen Greenmarch's ties to House Keaton and the Compact.