Everard Telmar

Everard Telmar
Social Rank 4
Fealty Valardin
House Telmar
Gender Male
Age 42
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Stormy Grey
Skintone Fair
Parents Laegan Telmar
Siblings Arn Telmar, Zotikos Telmar, Lucas Telmar, Tanya Telmar
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When women whisper to their friends as they admire the handsome Commander of the Iron Guard, they debate his finest features, even if he never notices. His thick chestnut brown hair, generally kept short and practical, accentuates the strong lines of his face. His chiseled jaw often sports a neatly trimmed beard, lending a sense of dignity about him, the hints of silver only enhancing that. His stormy grey eyes thunder with life, kind and strong, with terrifying moments of fury, utterly charming in every way. Everard has the build of a seasoned warrior, dangerous and practiced, but carries himself with a sense of noble chivalry so easily, he seems gentle when not in the throes of battle.


Everard decided long ago that being truly noble, honorable, and virtuous does not mean one has to be -boring-. He truly believes that the virtuous life is the way to go, kind to the less fortunate, defending the defenseless. He simply realizes that life is fantastic in so many ways, it should be lived. His laughs come easily as he encourages his men, and interacts with the commons. He enjoys new people, regardless of station, even if he is confident in the stations of people. His charm is one that makes people want to be better, rather than through a spirit of manipulation. A firm believer in justice, and the system of rule in Arx, Everard has little patience for miscreants and those that seek to do harm to others, but he is never cruel in his actions. He is decisive, quick witted, and above all, a good man.


As the youngest brother of the Duke of Telmar, Lord Everard Telmar strove to be the honorable paragon that was everything his elder brother was not. He clung hard to a knightly ideal, gaining the respect of the forces of the Telmarch as he helped lead them in battle, and quickly rose to being a well-respected knight all throughout the Oathlands. Briefly, he even held the sword of the Telmarch in his stewardship, until Arn's own son came of age to wield it as the Champion of House Telmar and the Sword of the Telmarch. Lord Everard served loyally and honorably in the wars against the Shavs for many years, before recently coming to Arx at Prince Radley Valardin's suggestion and due to his influence was appointed the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard by King Alaric Grayson IV.

As Lord Commander of the Iron Guard, he has a reputation for honesty and integrity that stands in marked contrast to the sometimes corrupt reputation of the guardsmen that might abuse their rank and privileges over the lowest in Arx. While the Iron Guard is by no means perfect, Lord Everard has resolutely sought to combat their excesses and make them a force for law and order.